Anyone here from Europe?

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  1. Hi there, I'm looking to get a medium sized Paraty bag from Europe when my friend flies there next week.

    Does anyone happen to know what colours do they carry right now in their Paris & Milan boutique?? I'm thinking of colours like Elephant, Chocolate or any dark grey ones.

    Also do you guys know the prices for the bags in €??

    And another question, for all your Chloe fans that own Balenciagas too, which actually do you prefer? A Balenciaga City or a medium size Chloe Paraty?

    I hope you guys can help. Thanks a lot! :hugs:
  2. Hi I live in Ireland and I bought a Marcie from NAP which is usually the same price as other european stores as I have checked medium Marcie is between €995 euros to €1050(Python over €2395 )and Paratys medium €1125 + depending on what your looking for python (€2250+) I hope this is a guide for you