anyone here feed raw food / BARF?

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  1. just wanted to find out if anyone here feeds their pet raw food.. i've heard so much about it being best for dogs, but it's hard to find good research supporting it.
    and how do you know what a good balance is, whether their getting all the necessary nutrients?

    i'd love to get ahold of some research, or hear testimonies from dog owners who've done this for some time..

    right now we're using a commercial vet-designed raw mix of oats, vegies, and supplements (vet's all natural), to add to raw meat. i'll give her a raw bone and add some organ meats every now and then.
  2. I've been going back and forth with this too. I'm just worried that I'll malnutrition him. So I give him wet food BUT also wholesome and organic fruit and veggies, always chicken and rice, so I try to balance it out, and use the wet food to fill in what I've missed.
  3. I feed raw to both of my dogs.

    I started feeding raw after one of my dogs developed allergies. They prescribed steroids and antihistamines for him. After conducting some research, I found out how bad commercial dog food really is and that so many allergies are a result of feeding dogs the wrong kind of food. Fast forward five years - he has not had steroids since.

    The raw diet is really a lot closer to what animals wild eat in the wild. It is much more healthier for them and their short digestive systems are able to break down the food much more quickly, as opposed to commercial dog food.

    I recommend using sojourner farms as the base (All Natural Dog Food and Natural Dog Treats by Sojourner Farms) to that I add raw meat, avocadoes, biotin, and give them a multi vitamin every day. They love their food.

    Let me know if you need any additional information.
  4. I've heard mixed reviews about this. My aunt feeds her Weimeraners raw food. I feed my puppy all natural food. And, for treats... she gets veggies and fruit
  5. i would like to feed my dogs raw because i hear its best. its what nature intends. it tends to be expensive and sometimes gross if you're not a fan of touching raw meat. innova is the closest brand to the raw diet. its about 45-60$ a bag.
  6. We used to feed some raw. My husband and I are both kind of germ-phobic, so it bothered us. I have heard a LOT of great things about raw diets, and if you can handle feeding the stuff, I'm sure your dog will love you for it!

    What we ended up doing is purchasing ground bison meat, which is very lean, and cooking it, adding bone meal, salt and frozen green beans. We add salmon oil to this, and the pups LOVE it! This is the diet recommended by the vet for our late Border Collie, who had chronic health problems. It seemed to help her a lot, so we continue to make it for our other dogs.

    We add this fresh cooked food to high quality dry food (Innova is really good) so they eat about half and half.
  7. I've tried Innova, along with California Natural, but my dog just didnt dig those brands, I dunno why. They sound good, and the price is more expensive (which I dont mind, I want my dog to eat healthy), but it's just not working. I'm currently feeding my dog Eagle Pack hollistic dry food (it's the pale purple color), and my dog loves it!

    Sometimes I also give my dog raw or cooked meat with minced veggies (twice a month). For the 1st 3 yrs of his life I fed him cooked minced meat with minced veggies and a lil bit of rice. But now, I no longer have the time to prepare all those meals so I turn to commercial dog foods.

    This thread reminds me to give my dog some marrow bones and raw mince meat soon. It's been a while since he had any of those.
  8. We feed a mainly raw diet to our dogs.

    Our dogs are 13, 11, 10 & 1.5 years old and they all still play like 12 week old puppies:yahoo:

    And we spend almost nothing on vet bills because (knock wood) they never get sick.

    If you are nervous about providing proper nutrition, there are books on how to prepare a balanced diet.

    Also, we always keep a bag of prairie frozen raw dog food in the freezer so that if we don't have time to prepare food, they can have a healthy meal.
  9. helooholly, I forgot to say that I LOVE your avatar! Your dog is soooo cute :smile:
  10. I have heard mixed reviews as well.

    I considered the BARF diet for my chis but decided to start feeding them a 100% organic, human-grade ingredient dog food. It is called "Castor and Pollux". The only downside is that only health food stores (Sprouts, Wild Oats, etc) sell it. It is such great food though! They eat better than I do LOL
  11. My brother has fed his three cats raw food for the past few years and they are super healthy and fit. They won't touch dry food now.
  12. Both my cats are fed mainly raw meat, raw chicken necks and raw fish twice a day with dry biscuits in between. Their daily diets were originally recommended by the breeders i bought them from and my vet has also recommended i stick to it. Once in while i give them canned food just to give them some variety. The funny things is that raw chicken necks and chicken winglets are also really good for cat's teeth and gums, so i'm really happy my cats love it.
  13. I feed raw chicken wing/neck or dry biscuits. I mix it up during the week.
  14. sarahcantik - thanks!! she's the sweetest child..

    while i'm convinced about raw food being great, i don't know what the composition of the stuff should be..
    like, whether it should be oats or wheat, whether there should be soy, whether the meat should be beef/lamb/roo/rabbit/chicken...

    i read something that describes breed-specific diet, that shih tzus, based on their breed history, do best on wheat+soy+chicken... hmmmmmmmmm
  15. raw food diet is def the best iet you can possible give your dog. thats what they eat back in the day in the wild before they are domesticated.
    hellooholly, if you are confused about the composition, maybe you should go to health store and buy some books on this subject.
    i live in a hippie town, and i see these books about this all the time.