anyone here ever used MyPoupette AUTHENTICATION service?

  1. I used their service a few times before I resell on eBay and around 2-3 times to auth the item I was selling on eBay at my first time selling activity. To be honestly, I'm not too satisfy with their service.

    Already 2 or 3 times I sent them PayPal but they never responded nor sent me auth result. I don't know what to say and it's not for big amount of money but I still not impress it!

    Anyone here have similiar experience?
  2. That's about right, shoddy service is the general consensus. I have heard really good things about though, why don't you try her next time.
  3. yes I have used them in the past But Ive heard so many bad experiences that they have took money and not e-mailed people back. I think its better just to use CarolDiva, she is lovely. Sorry this happened to you :flowers:
  4. also I forgot to add - what I think has happened is that MyPoupette has become a bigger business and therefore care less about their customers. CarolDiva is still very small and I *think* only run by carol so you get a better service :smile:

  5. ^^ I agree w/ steve. I use Carol and she is on her own. She is fabulous and a real professional. She really helped me w/ a fraudulent indigo piece I purchased about a year ago. She is who I reccommend.
  6. Do you guys know if eBay/Paypal will accept an authentication from Carole in a dispute? Just curious.
  7. I have used MyPoupette twice. And the first time, I got a response almost immediately. The second time, I had to send a reminder before getting an answer. I have used caroldiva since, and always hear back from her within 24 hours.
  8. Yes, I use them both, it's rgd my dispute so I was trying to get auth result from 2 authenticators :sad: Uuuh I should know to not to waste my time with her!
  9. I have had similar service from If I ever am in the postion where I need somthing authenticated, I will go to Caroldiva.
  10. Yeah I'd go for CarolDiva before MyPoupette.
  11. ^^ good to know. but does anyone know whether ebay accepts Carol's auth?
  12. I'd use CarolDiva also.. since mypoupette has said obv. fakes were authentic in the past...
  13. I use Carol also, as I've had two instances in the past where My Poupette never has gotten back to me after paying the fee.
  14. I believe they do. Hopefully someone else knows for sure.
  15. Yes, they do. eBay accepts CarolDiva's authentication the same as they do to MyPoupette. Carol has helped me to authenticate LV items. She is efficient, knowlegible, professional and friendly. She always got back to me within 24 hours. For LV items' authentication, I definitely will go to her. No doubt about it.