Anyone here ever bought a bbag from this ebay seller?

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  1. hgbags? Just curious. She has tons of Chloe and Balenciaga, and few bad feedbacks, at least one questioning authenticity. Those bad feedbacks were left a long time ago, though. And the bags she has listed right now look authentic to me. Anyone know anything about this seller? Thanks
  2. weird, I was going to ask about this yesterday.
  3. Yes, I bought a bbag classique from her in August '05 (I don't remember which color it was) and this bag was/is authentic!
    I think she's nice and a honest seller :yes: and would recommend.
  4. Sometimes you have to read into the bad feedbacks left for a seller. It's obvious if they are blatently selling fakes but sometimes a good seller will get a bad wrap because a 0 feedback bidder or someone who is clueless about the bag they are buying will just say "it's fake" without any basis. That's the problem with the feedback system on ebay, people can lie & make unfounded accusations without reprocussion (sp?). That being said, the feedback system is still a good thing for Ebay buyers. I'd rather have it than not!;)
  5. I agree acegirl. She has tons of good feedback from selling high end handbags. But it's always nice to hear from other PF members who have successfully bought bags from her. Thanks all!
  6. shes listed on the bad sellers list.
  7. Uh oh! I started reading the bad sellers list and I made it to page 4 before I got disgusted with all of the fussing that was going on. Hmmm.....she has an ink first and they are sold out everywhere and I really NEED one. *L*
  8. I hope someone can help you. I have never bought from her before but I am familiar with some of her B-bag listings. Good luck!
  9. I was going to ask the same thing about this seller..HER BAGS look good to me...and her prices are not REALLY bad kwim..
    Would you gals buy from her???
  10. hey girl! she tried to sell my fren a fake birkin and i remmeber a long time ago she was selling fake balenciagas! i think shes like sometimes sellin a real bag but alotta times selling a fake too! bad news!
  11. She came onto this board about a week ago and insisted that the negs were because of various "misunderstandings". Hmm--seems not, judging from your posts. I think a good general rule is that if there are any doubts--pass.
  12. I can saw anything about the Fendis...but the Bbags are 100% authentic. I have recently purchased these from her :

    I have no reason to think these are fake
    CornflowerCity.jpg InkTwiggy.jpg
  13. I emailed her the other day about her bags and why she dosent show the plates or the insides and how she recycles pics & about the forum and she said this :

    Designer Deals Unlimited Inc to me
    More options May 17 (20 hours ago)
    FYI...I have sold many's not stoping my loyal customers. That blog is nonsense.
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