Anyone here drive a Pontiac Torrent?

  1. I'm saving up to get a car and I want a Pontiac Torrent.

    I drive a 96 Pontiac Grand Prix. I want an SUV and I want to stay in the Pontiac lot.

    I got to drive a black one with a sunroof the other day and I was completely sold. I know everyone says that the Torrent and the Chevy Equinox are the same, and I've driven both, and I like the Torrent better.

    Anyone have any comments? So far I've saved 230 dollars from graduation money alone. Once I get my waitressing job and start getting tips I should be well on my at the very least $15,000.

  2. I don't have a Torrent but I have had 2 Pontiacs in the past and I loved them both. I got many miles from both of them.
    Good Luck!!

  3. You're wanting to save 15K??? From waitressing? If you pay for nothing else and put all your tip money in the bank, you MIGHT be able to save 15K in a year.
    Why an SUV? Why not a small Honda or Toyota? Also, you're 18...there's no need for a brand new car and be in when you're just starting your life out. How bout something in the 2000-2003 range? Something that's no more than 10K?
  4. Yes, used. Not new. No way new. I've got a lot of friends that have car lots and they can get me a jam up deal on ANYTHING I want.

    Why an SUV? 1) LOTS of camera equipment to carry around. LOTS of it. 2) When taking road trips with the girls we can call use MY car that way I can be in control of the situation. 3) I just want one and Mom and Dad think it's a good idea.

    The tippers around here are good tippers. 10 bucks a pop sometimes. My sis in law makes 500 in tips a week.
  5. Depends on where you waitress and how good you are. I have a friend who is a waiter and he often makes $500+ per night.
  6. My point exactly, thank you Zophie!
  7. Tips are also taxed by the IRS, so you may not take home as much as you might think.

    You should also factor in the increase in insurance costs too. There's no rush to get into a super expensive car so young.

    Try to enjoy your current car, you'll have plenty of time in the future for debt and newer cars. :yes:
  8. I serve tables at a rather high end place, so I'm familiar. 500 a night?? He must be in NYC, working 10-15 tables a night all with 200 dollar tabs. I've never seen anyone make that much in a night routinely. You have the occasional large party with the 2 grand tab, but routinely 500?? Are they hiring? ;)
    But yea, sometimes you have a great night, sometimes you only get 50 bucks. Still, 500 a week is attainable and reasonable, I guess. Not sure where you'd be working, but my tips avg 20 bucks a table and that's not our private parties (where tips avg 200). Granted, we get less traffic than say..chilis or applebees.
    If you make 500 a week, that's roughly 26K a year...before taxes..if you work every week and you avg 500 a week. After taxes you're looking at 20-22K (don't you love Uncle Sam!) And that's without you spending a dime on food, clothes, gas, bills, entertainment, etc. So now you have 5-7K a year to spend on what you want. If you can save 15K in a year, I'll be damn impressed and possibly let you manage my finances. ;)
    Regarding your needs...are you set on domestic? How bout one of these?

    Toyota Matrix

    Mazda 3

    VW Rabbit/Golf/GTI (having the highest ratings of all)

    All of them should house all your stuff, and get MUCH better mileage (Matrix ~32, Mazda ~30, VW ~28, Pontiac ~21) as well as handling better.
  9. Charles, my friend works in New Orleans. He's worked at a ton of different restaurants and never stays at one long, but I know when it's busy he often does really well. He's worked at some pretty high-end places and I guess he's a lead waiter (or whatever you call it). I just know he's really good at it and often people tip him way over 20% because he's really friendly and on the ball. However, he'll quit at the drop of a hat if he doesn't like the place or it gets slow, so I guess it evens out.

    I bought a Porsche when I was 16 and made not much more than minimum wage. This was YEARS ago and you could buy a used Porsche 944 for a lot less than any kind of car nowadays. I had no other bills really though at the time. So it all depends on your situation.
  10. well like charles said i would defintly stay in the 10K dont want to be working so much to pay for the car that you cant even enjoy im doing my self right now. if only i listened to my own advice! im guessing that since its an suv it has a 6 cylinder motor right? watch the gas, it seems like the price is never gonna drop.
  11. I was recently in this predicament. I heart was pretty much set on a Ford Escape. My grandfather had given me a $14,000 car allowance, but I wanted a little extra money to pay for insurance and maybe a new handbag (ahhaaaa). I was at the used car lot, drove three Escapes, a G6 and a Mustang. loved each one.
    went to a different lot and tried a 2006 Malibu Maxx. It's a smaller crossover - not as tall as a Torrent - but still a V6 and very very comfortable for passangers. It was awesome!! and had a lot of standard features. I was back the next day to drive it again and bought it a week later for only $12,700 out the door. ( I had called around the state and other dealerships had the same model/mileage (only 33,000!!) for about $3000 more... I think my dealer just wanted to get it off the lot)

    I know it seems like your heart is set on one thing - but make sure you really drive A LOT of cars.

    the backseats in the Maxx fold completely down - the storage is awesome - I can even fit my Trek Lime Cruiser bike in the back!! mileage is about 32 on the highway - but I've heard of others getting up to 38. about $40 to fill up gas tank at $2.99/gallon.
    PM if you have any other questions - and make sure you go for a test drive!!
  12. I've looked at a lot of other cars and driven a lot of them. I looked at a Pontiac VIBE for a while. Ford Escape...Chevy Equinox...Nissan XTerra...Buick Rendevous...Saturn VUE. I drove my best friends Hyndai Santa Fe and liked it but I have found NOTHING I like as much as I like the Torrent. You know when you've found the perfect car FOR YOU? That's the way it is with me....
  13. i know what you mean...i had wanted a BMW 3 series for years, and my dad wanted me to get one because he's a big BMW guy, and i had a $40,000 limit to use (i got a full scholarship to college, so my parents decided to let me use the money that they would have paid for 1 year of a private college to pick a car), but i ended up getting a $33,000 Toyota 4Runner. I drove it on a whim (i saw one of the newer body style cars on the road) and i just KNEW. no one in my family had had a japanese car before, and my parents were definately skeptical. i wouldn't trade it for any regular production car on the road today, even though it's not super luxurious (i of course got leather and all that, so it's quite a nice car).

    so save all you can and go with your gut. it's your car, after all, and YOU have to drive it every day. i went into the dealership, my mom told them they were looking for a car for me, and the guy automatically started talking to us about carollas - he was really surprised when i told him what i wanted (i actually had a printout from their website of the EXACT car i wanted, i just needed them to bring it out front, lol). other people's ideas about what car is appropriate for you may be completely wrong. if you're paying for it, save for what you really want.