Anyone Here Carry Tylie Malibu?

  1. Does anyone here carry these bags?

    I only have one--most of my bags are Coach or LV--but I found I really fell in love with this bag! The leather is amazing, and I love the flower strap. I'm wondering how durable they are--they seem well made but I haven't had it that long...

    Note: eBay pic owned by mule*whisperer...

    What do you think?
  2. I found a great video of the founder of Tylie Malibu, and it also shows how some of her bags are made--the handpainted apache flowers, studs, etc.

    I love to see the behind-the-scenes stuff, and this made me appreciate my bag even more.

    It's also a great "I started this successful business out of my garage" story.:tup:
  3. I have 2 Tylie Malibu bags! Both are the Apache bag, one is black with the embossed design on one side and a non-flowered strap, and the other is off-white with the flower strap. They are so light and comfortable, love them both, especially the strap hardware (the hinges)! I think they'll hold up really well. The leather is amazing....:heart: