Anyone here carries a wallet/clutch instead of a bag?

  1. Are there any fantasically chic gals that carry a clutch instead of a bag for every day errands or just a wallet on the go?
  2. I do, i usually carry wristlets or clutches instead of bringing a huge bag to go on errands or something.
  3. I have my bags....but almost always use wrislets or pouchettes as my wallet, so I can grab and go too.
  4. I do sometimes-I have a lot of clutch bags and was buying thenm for about a year wherever I could get my hands on them before they were "revived" in fall "03(they were tough to find then and cost more than I would have liked on several occasions...Therefore, I have a lot that I like. I will throw cash, id, keys phone and run out the door if I am changing bags, etc, or what not. The only time I don't is if I am wearing something that just looks silly with a clutch.(track suit, etc.) Then I leave everything and carry my whole "suitcase of life" as I call it, which is generally a hobo of some sort.
  5. i only use my cluthces for a wedding party or clubbing.
    but not for errands. i bring lots of stuff :P
  6. I use clutches usually on nights when I get dressed up or if the outfit calls for one during the day.
  7. Not for the day - I have this incessant need to carry my whole life around with me LOL! I will however use a cluth on an evening - even then it is usually bursting at the seams!:yes:
  8. Aarti, are you still looking for a black clutch? And did you read my PM giving you an email address?
  9. Yes, me. :yes:

    I almost always carry a clutch, or a continental wallet; day or night. I've done so for years...

    I didn't know that made me 'fantastically chic', though! :shame: :lol:

    I love hobos, too - my Tiger bag's my favourite bag of all time. But they're relatively big and unwieldy and I like to travel light, as much as possible.

    Having said that, I sometimes take my Tiger bag out to dinner! I guess I just do what I like! :upsidedown:
  10. I got the idea of getting a clutch from this very forum.
    I loved the idea of keeping a clutch in my big slouchy bag to organize but also to grab out of my bag when I just wanted something small to take with me in certain situations.
    Yesterday, I found the Guess Roma Mini in mocha. It's a clutch, a wristlet and a mini purse all in one.
    The long strap and the wrist strap are all detachable. I'm so thrilled with it!
  11. This is called a wallet purse. I bought it on eBay. It opens up to a wallet-like flap w/ cc slots. In cavier. I paid about 795.00 Retail w/ a gold chain
  12. Ditto:yes:
  13. I carry a clutch in the evenings - casual nights out with an LV pochette mostly, and evenings with a silver brushed metal clutch with a crystal-topped closure.

    During the day I don't carry a lot but I do need more than what my clutches will hold.
  14. I've been carrying a wristlet lately. I don't like carrying to many things all the time, and I like how I can find my keys right away instead of digging through my purse.