Anyone here a fan of any vintage coach?

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  1. I was looking at some of their past styles online & some look so nice! I can't even remember when I bought my first coach, but I'm guessing mid-90's. I'd love to find a site that lists them from like 1985-1995 with pictures. Anyone know of such a resource?

  2. I am a fan of vintage Coach. Unfortunately there really isn't a website I know of dedicated to vintage Coach.
    You can just use the Drilldown if you know the Style No.
    This site is only used for verification of how a particular style is supposed to look. You just type in the item number over 5078.

    kind regards,
  3. Liz,
    Editing this, b/c I now realize you place the number in the link to get the pic of the bag. Thanks for your help!
  4. Liz definetely check out the "woopretty" link I posted in the last post!
  5. OMG Kristan, you totally rock! I had the first site already, but not the 2nd one. What a great resource!! I googled for hours last night & couldn't find anything! THank you!
  6. I found one of the styles I have & couldn't find--I think it's the lafayette. It is fun to play "what purse do I own" have no life.
  7. You are so welcome! Someone else posted that link here, and I bookmarked it.
  8. I love vintage coach bags!
  9. Kristan:

    Thanks for posting the info in the woopretty site. I have a vintage soho backback shown in the lightweights in mahogany. I love that bag!

  10. Some of the vintage Coach bags are very nice, but I wouldn't consider myself a fan...