Anyone Help I Really Want This Bag!

  1. [​IMG]
  2. Okay So I Hope Pebz Doesn't Get Angry That I Used Her Pic!!! Sorry..i Went All Over Ny And Nj Trying To Get This Bag........please If Anyone Has Seen It Or Know Where I Can Find It Pm Asap!! Thanks Girls!!!!
  3. Maybe you should try calling the stores in Hawaii like ViV04 did, she got her Jolicoeur tote there?
  4. good luck
  5. I'm ok. Maybe if you have friends in Singapore, you could ask them to get for you? I only know the prices for the small and medium sized. Small - SGD462 (original - SGD660) , Medium - SGD518 (original - SGD740). Not sure on the largest one.
  6. I just saw this purse a couple of days ago..In Sweden though..:wtf:
  7. I saw it at the Gucci Store in the Hotel of Vancouver. (canada). good luck finding it.
  8. called everywhere no one has it!!

  9. awww keep trying thats how I found my Joliceur pink medium tote bag. I called everywhere in the us! And Hawaii was the last on my list and they got it!!! last one too!:yahoo: