anyone heard this web for cheaper chanel handbag?

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  1. Have anyone heard this website before? I called this company about chanel handbag for authentic and they said they do. They got the not so perfect bags direct from manufacturer and get a good deal?
  2. fake, fake, fake.
  3. and full of crap!
  4. Correct me if I am wrong, but Chanel's that have imperfections are NOT sold to anyone.
  5. there are no authorized sellers online that sell Chanel Handbags.

    You should go to Chanel Shopping in the forum. you will learn so much. I heard that bags that have mistakes are burned, or whatever
  6. stay away!!!
  7. I thought the only designer that burns the bags that are not up to expectations is Louis Vuitton. I know Chanel has some outlets for their mistakes.
  8. I would also stay away from this website!

  9. really? news to me. That is just what I heard of course, I am not too confident on that information.

    however, I had no idea that louis vuitton does that.

    what do you mean by outlets? like sell them at half price? I highly doubt that very much, Chanel is strickly High End and selling at a half price would defeat the purpose would it not? I'm just ranting
  10. the outlet definitely definitely does not sell bags for half price (unless it's really truly hideous). also, the bags at the outlet are not imperfections, they're just old styles that nobody buys.
  11. yes there's an outlet, no they're not half price or even the popular bags. . . just items from boutiques that didn't sell well as far as I know.

    This thread is now closed as all authenticity questions should be posted in the Authenticate This! Chanel sticky provided in the Chanel Shopping Forum.
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