Anyone heard of this site?

  1. I have a friend that wants to buy something from this site *yes she knows they are replicas* but she can't afford the real stuff. I told her just to save her money and buy her one favourite purse but she's against it..she says she doesn't understand why I spend so much money when I can just get a replica. :rolleyes:
  2. My personal feeling is that I would rather have one authentic bag (Coach, D&B, LV, BV, Prada, Marc Jacobs, whatever) than a bunch of replicas. I know I'm carrying the real thing and that's what counts.

    I won't even go into the horrid things that the fake bag industry funds; that's been covered many times here.

    Continue to get the real thing and ignore sites like that.
  3. Agreed Boxermom, but she TRULY does not care.

    I've told her over & over. She says I can spend my money the way i want and she should be allowed to spend hers the way she wants.
  4. ^^^Is she aware of what the fake industry supports (child exploitation, terrorism, drug gangs, etc.)? I can't put one dime into things like that. It's just not worth the money I would save. You're not her conscience, tho, so just be a good example. That's all you can do.
  5. Perhaps you can suggest to your friend about buying an "inspired" bag instead of a replica?
  6. Does she want a nice bag, or does she want people to think she got the real thing? My guess is that at these price points (~$150), those "replicas" are low-quality and scream "FAKE." If she were my friend, I would try to convince her to buy a lower-end brand that makes quality bags and get it on sale. For example, a Sigrid Olsen or BCBGirls on sale would be in her price range. Send her to They have some decent bags on sale that are an additional 30% off with the MAR30 code.
  7. The problem is that people buy fakes in order to portray an image (they want others to think they have money or taste or style or something else). What they fail to realize is that they are coming across with a totally different image than they intended when they carry a fake (poser, wanna-be, faker).

    If these women think that others won't notice that they are carrying a fake, they are wrong. Yes, they might get the looks, but for all the wrong reasons.

    Inspired bags in department stores are so much classier than fakes. I'd rather carry department store brand bags or one designer bag anyday than have a collection of fakes. Fake isn't who or what I am. Ask your friend if it is what she is.
  8. You friend needs to get something through her head!!!

    FAKES. ARE. SO. TACKY!!!!!!!!! They are for WANNABEES!!!!

    :throwup: :throwup: :throwup:
  9. all i have to say is quality.

    i don't understand why someone would go out of their way to get a bag that is FAKE... a knockoff of something better... if their arguement is that the prices are ridiculous? so why try to get something that copies the ridiculousness?

    had the person maybe gone from using a walmart purse to a coach purse, and physically felt the great quality of the bag, maybe they would change their mind? also, people collect all sorts of things in all walks of life, and those things are usually (yeah so, i went to cali with a walmart special and came home with a coach, leaving the dumpster bag in the ex boyfriends trunk!) also, people collect all sorts of things in all walks of life, and those things are usually worth money.

    my lil tiny collection to me, is priceless.

    perhaps go shopping with your friend, and try letting her put all her crap in one of your lovely purses for the day! don't let her mess ur purse any :p but let her feel the quality :smile: bring her to a coach outlet! it's not THAT expensive to get nice stuff! Dooney & Bourke Factory stores are very reasonable!

    :noggin: knock some sense into ya friend! send her HERE! show her websites! help her! lol!

    PS: how good is this friend? maybe you should just find something lil and inexpensive at an outlet like coach or dooney and throw it at her for her birthday! lol... someone save her...

  10. Yeah exactly. people will look at your friend and think *fake + lame*. why would she want to bring that to herself?
    I hate it when people use fakes :cursing:
  11. its been suggested on here already but rather than go for a fake high end bag that everyone will vbe laughing at her for, why not suggest she goes for a real mid range bag that has quality & style & she will get lots of wear out of?
    there are plenty of fabulous leather handbags out there that don't carry a big name but have excellent leather & styling.
  12. buy a dooney from qvc then you can be on a payment plan with some of there bags or go to authentic and some sale stuff like a denim dior bag for 150.00 its last season but who cares i dont i just care about the name its real and im going to buy it i think or i may just get the dooney since its big the dior is kinda small its 9.5X4.5X2 but if she want a cheap one get last season or clearance i would :smile:
  13. You will keep the authentic stuffs forever. The fake one even if you have a real good one, you know inside that its fake and wont love it as much.
    At least thats how i am.
  14. The following is going to be harsh, pardon me.

    My bottom line is, everybody on Earth has to agree on this one, fakes are violating copyright, which is wrong.
    If she wants that bag but can't afford it, well then sucks to be her. If she was my sister or my mom, I may sponsor 1/2 the cost.
    Suggest her to get a inspired one if she really likes the design of that bag. If she insists on getting the fake version, well then I think she's no more than a label whore.
  15. Well, this is something I really don't understand.
    Why people need to buy replicas and let other people on the road believe to carry on true bags when they are fake,on the contrary?
    This is ridiculous,naive and harmful for all those people who work hours and hours to make hand-made bags and make their work with love and passion.
    Moreover,this allows criminals in Asia and other countries to exploit children (who are obliged to stay in dark dirty places for 15-18 hours per day, only because their little hands can make many bags and embroideries) and women and it's a bad vehicle for recycling dirty money.
    If your friend or whoever else hasn't money to buy real bags, it's not a big deal! It's not like to stay without bread or water, it's not an emergency for life. A branded bag is a luxury item and, all of us can live without them if we don't have enough money to buy them!
    She or those people can address their energies and fashion taste in other minor brands such as Furla,Guess,Juicy Couture,Rocco Barocco,Marta Marzotto and other ones that make great things but at cheaper costs.