Anyone heard of this Kooba ?

  1. Isn't this the same bag that Lexie got from Bluefly except in Fushia?
  2. I thought she got the Alex?
  3. I'm not familiar with it, but I haven't been following Kooba for very long.

    Maybe it's from a few years ago? :confused1:
  4. My question is why is it only $60...

    And yeah, I have seen that style on Bluefly...I was thinking about getting it in the pink, but I thought it was too bright.

    Hm...I might have to pick it up.
  5. I've heard of it. It's real similar to my Alex and The Daniella which is Alex's Baby sister.
    Seems like Kooba likes to put out seasons of bags that all are similar (Like The Nicole, Charlie, and Avery) with some of the same features.

    There was one on eBay awhile back.
  6. Oh sorry Cheekers, the Alex and Daniella looks so alike that I thought it was the Alex.
  7. guess what girls? i couldn't resist the cute little purple bag so i placed a bid n won the auction on ebay. oh well here comes my second kooba, although a rather "vintage" one. :p hope it's authentic n all good.
  8. Let us know when it arrives :smile:
  9. I love my "Vintage" Koobas. I think the bag is darling. Good for you!