Anyone heard of the patent courtney??

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  1. I was at my outlet today and picked up two patent courtneys,,one in black and one in blue...they kind of look like the francine and are really gorgeous...the SA aho i see all the time said they just came in yesterday..
    has anyone seen them?? i cant find even one on ebay...i havent checked bonanzle yet...i also picked up a soho patent satchel in espresso,,,,
    anyone know anything about the courtney out there????:shrugs:
  2. I also saw them at the outlet. The blue one is akin to the legacy pond color- pretty! I think the patent bags will be the first to go.
  3. Sounds interesting...I'd love to see pics!!!
  4. Could you post pictures, prices and sizes please? Thanks!
  5. Pics, pleeeease! I am not sure if i know "courtney" but I have a thought, i saw some bags at coach that weren't on the website or anywhere else, but i don't know what their names were. Please share pics if you can...
  6. These have been at the Castle Rock, CO outlet now for about a month. An SA there told me that they were testing them out at their store to see how they sold....I guess they must have been a hit as they are appearing at more stores it seems.
  7. Oh ok, I know what you are talking about now. They are the new line similar to the SOHO quilted geometric bag, with a bit diff handles and still the pocket on the front and the double zipper. They had ones with a bit of a woven edge to the pocket too and I think it was metallic or something.
  8. I will take pics after i put my younger son to sleep,,he doesnt let me do much:nogood: on the computer,,,then i can post them to show you guys,,the bag also came in the metallic color which was OK but the black and the blue color caught my eye...give me like two hours and i will have them up...
  9. can you post the item number?
  10. sure they are called the patent courtney in pond with silver and the other one is patent coutney in black with brass #F13134,,,,
  11. I can't wait to see this. I have to go to the outlet and return a bridgit.
  12. I might have to have one since thats my name:smile: I'll check back - interested to see pics!
  13. ok guys i have the pics but how do i put them up,,i tried and it didnt let me....
  14. Search for posting photos.
  15. There seem to be style variations, as I also saw these domed satchels in pebbled leather with braided handles and some with lacing thru the trim.
    Then there are the plain ones.....soooo lots of domed satchels!