Anyone heard of the Hidden CC's patent leather bag?

Mar 28, 2006
I waitlisted for the medium size but haven't heard a peep from my SA yet. I'd have to see it again IRL and decide if I like it....( i saw it briefly at the trunk show but in the larger size)

Edited to include a photo:

There's stuff posted on this bag on tFS--but it's scattered amongst all the other Chanel posts....

I just saw this bag in person at the Chanel boutique in South Coast Plaza. The smaller size is about $1590, but I didn't think it looked "right." My local NM just got the large size that's pictured in your photo. It's attractive and a nice size. BUT I didn't like how the patent leather is woven through the chain. My understanding is that the small size comes in black, beige, and a rust (orangey red) patent, but the large only comes in black.

I think the bag has just been coming out so you should give your SA another call....
may3545 said:
wow that is hot! the beverly center bloomingdales does not carry chanel! boo! but rodeo drive and neiman are nearby so i'm satisfied :smile:

I can't remember seeing it at either the Rodeo or NM... But definitely go take a peek and ask for the bag. With the Luxury line just being launched as their "new big thing", the hidden CC may not be on display!
This bag is really pretty.
Both size are available now.
I believe around 1600 for small and almost 1800 for large one.
It's a hot bag, as soon as get in the store it's sold quickly.
The back of this bag have CC logo on the back pocket.

If u need help locate this bag ASAP let me know. I can guide you to
the store that have them.