Anyone heard of the GREEN Valentine Flap?

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  1. Hi i just spoke to my SA in Paris this afternoon and she mentioned that the Valentine flap also came in Green colour. She described the green as GRASS green.

    She said all the Valentine flaps are sold out in the store but is coming again soon.

    Price for Flap 1690 euro
    Price for EW as I recall 1550
    Price of Mini Messenger Style 1300 euro?

    Well if any of you have apic of the green, please post it!:smile:
    I am looking to get the green!:smile: if not the coral!:smile:
  2. how exciting, can't wait either!
  3. Really? I've just placed an order in Paris yesterday (I ordered the coral pink one).... My SA did not mention to the green color...hmmm...that sounds excited! Any pic?
  4. I'd like to see a pic too! Mmm.. grass green sounds pretty:smile:
  5. My SA only told me about the blue, black and coral. I would love to see the green, it sounds very fun.
  6. Yes- I too havent been informed of this green... wonder what happen to the chain of information here?
  7. Green valentine's flap!!!!
  8. Yes, I reconfirmed with her. I told her that as far as I know it comes in Black White Blue and Coral. She said Green is also there. I asked, Forest Green or Mint Green, she then replied GRASS green so I am sure she is sure what she is talking about. Can't wait to see it. But I love the Coral too!:smile:
  9. Wow, sounds lovely, can't wait to see it!