anyone heard of the brand lumi?

  1. So I saw this bag on lunaboston and had to get it! Especially with that 25 percent off and that the fact bf was chipping in for xmas present. Plus I needed to go to work soon and was hoping to have it before the end of the week :yahoo:

    I've never heard of the brand before but I was looking for a gray bag and loveddd that purple suede lining! :love: It looks like a soft bag and I'm hoping I like it. This is going to be my last bag for before my official bag ban! :nuts: I already broke it but this time I'm hoping I can stick to it :sweatdrop: Anyone have any pics of bags they have or reviews? Thanks!
  2. No, but they're nice bags. Did you try a Google search?
  3. I am bumping this up because it seems Lumi is hard to find and Lunaboston is the online site with the largest selection. I love the satchels!! Does anyone have a Lumi bag out there???!! How about one of our European neighbors? It appears the bag designers are Finnish. Go figure....beautifully designed bags :love:
  4. Oh geez, Paintednightsky I didn't notice that you bought one!!! Sorry! So how do you like it??!! The leather seems similar to Gustto or LP?? I would love to see a picture!

  5. Please can you google it up? Maybe the handbags are being sold through a reseller with the name lumi. Do you see this brand name on the bag? I saw the bag - its a tote going for 485.00 originally. I looked at the other brands being sold - they dont seem to be popular brands. Can you have a second check before purchase?

    But likeI said, it appears Luna is the name of the site or seller. I saw that at the bottom of the page.

    Actually never heard of this name.
  6. Paintednightsky, how do you like the bag?? The leather looks scrumptious. whata re your thoughts on the bag?
  7. The bags are pretty and the leather looks yum.....did you already get yours, Paint?
  8. Yes I did get it. I'm glad someone bumped this thread up so we get more info on it. I was surprised when I didn't get any replies when I first posted about this brand. The leather is VERY soft. The suede is a nice touch. Not gryson quality suede, but still good and like I said, leather VERY soft lol You can pet it.

    Just be careful with Lunaboston. The pictures you see up are the bags you get so if you see in the picture a flap is bent or something, that is the same exact bag you'll get! I had a problem with the flap but they did give me an extra 10 percent off so it was 35 percent off with it. I doubt it's a normal problem but wanted you guys to be aware what you see is what you'll get on lunaboston for lumi. I believe they only have one of each of the lumis so if you see a flap bent on the display pic, that is what you'll get so be aware. Kind of a shame.

    I haven't seen lumi anywhere besides lunaboston. I tried googling it but without much success before. It seems like a European brand.

    I haven't really used my tote yet. I have sooo many totes but I don't go back to college till the end of january so I doubt I'll use it till then. Very nice and spacious casual bag though.
  9. Just wondering if anyone owns a lumi handbag and what you think about them. Any input would be greatly appreciated as I'm considering getting one...
  10. I have one which is the tote. The leather is really soft. If you get one I'd get a smaller bag because the leather is really soft, however it does add a bit of weight. I haven't really used it a lot yet though because I haven't had a need for it really yet, but it's nice if you get a good deal on it.
  11. Hey finally someone owns one and answered! Thank you paintednightsky for your response. I am thinking of this one:

    But I am not purchasing anything until I feel totally compelled to. I just returned a bag that everyone at TPF was raving about because it just wasn't 'me' and now I'm afraid to try again unless I'm really convinced and get a great deal...
  12. It's ok. You're definitely right about not buying anything unless you feel totally compelled. It's a nice bag and I'm sure someone else might like it. It looks better in the size you posted. I have a linea pelle bag in the same size but I kind of like the LP better because it's really lightweight. The leather on the Lumi is really nice but it adds heft to a tote bag but seems like it'd work with a smaller bag. Give it some time. The Lumi bags have been on luna forever (where I bought mine), most likely because no one has ever heard of the bag Lumi before. So to sum it up leather=buttery soft and luscious. Weight=heavy so my purchase was kinda on the ehh side. Not horrible, not great, but usable.
  13. hi paintednightsky
    jut wondering if u still have this grey leather lumi bag? did u end up using it? i would really love to buy one but im not having much luck finding any stockists.
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    My colleague has one Lumi bag and I really like it. Hers is black patent leather and very soft and nice.
    Lumi has their own web shop and it seems that they offer free worldwwide shipping on orders over 200 euros.

    I am Finnish and Lumi in Finnish means snow :smile: