Anyone heard of the 4 month old sleep regression??

  1. Owen was doing great w/ sleeping until.......he hit a little over 4 months old. I'm about ready to rip my hair out. I've gotten only 6 hours of sleep in two days and it's killin' me!

    Originally he would go down for about an hour for his morning nap, take a 2.5-3 hour afternoon nap, then go down at night around 8:30p, wake up once for a feeding around 0300 then up around 0645.

    Now............he only takes about a 30 min am nap, wakes up CONSTANTLY during his afternoon nap and then only sleeps for about 20 min's after I put him down for the night. Last night he woke up about 8x!!!!!!!!! I'm utterly exhausted and have tried literally about everything. I'm reading Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child but some things he's just not ready for yet. Is he still too young to learn to self soothe?? A triage nurse told me that I should go in every 10 min's or so and check on him, pick him up for a bit and then put him back down. She said she wouldn't start letting him cry for a long period until he's at least 6 mths old. As soon as I put him down in his crib after bf'ing, he's awake or shortly thereafter. It's as if he's a newborn again and I'm about ready to have a meltdown.

    I've read about a 4 mth old sleep regression but wondering if anyone else heard of this or has experienced this? If so, how long does it last b/c I'm a person who doesn't function properly w/o sufficient sleep (needless to say I'm not getting it nor will I be for quite some time).

    Sorry for long post but I'm desperate. :sad::hysteric::crybaby:
  2. no real help here, but i can relate! my baby had horrible sleep patterns since he was born since he was always used to being rocked, breastfed to sleep, or held to sleep!
    he would wake up every hour or two just to feed or suckle or be held.
    he is now coming on 5 months, from a lovely member here i was suggested that book u r reading. it has helped a lot! sleep isn't perfect yet, but he sleeps from 630pm to 7am most nights (it's been a week of sleep training) and wakes up 2x to eat.
    now, if only his naps would improve. he only takes about 2 or 3 40 minute naps :sad:
    i hope it gets better for u! perhaps when ur little one reaches 5 months u can give the book a try?
  3. I don't believe in CIO {crying it out} until at aleast 6 months old adn then only a modified version.
    Did he hit any new milestones? My kids' sleeping patterns changed a lot then.
    Also, they're sleep needs change around then, naps become more predictable.
    How soon are you putting him back down for his 1st nap of the day and how long are his wakeful periods. This is where HSHHB really fiulled in the blanks for me and pointed out habits I wasn't recognizing on my own from being sleep deprived.
  4. I don't believe in the CIO method either. I would do a modified version as well. As far as milestones, hhmm...well he has been rolling over every now and then. He doesn't do it on a regular basis but maybe every other couple days???

    He did have a stuffy nose since my DH and I FINALLY got over our 3 1/2 week cold! Other than that, he seems to not have any other symptoms.
  5. tell me about his awake time before he goes down for his naps. What does the book say for his age, an hour and then back down?
    I ask because they sleep a certain amount everyday, it's important when and for how long when there's a disruption in an otherwise usual good sleep habit.
    Are you still nursing?
    Is it a groeth spurt as well perhaps?
  6. Oiy, tell me about it. I've got about 1.5 hours sleep last night without him clinging on to me. I gave in and let him sleep in my arms, I got 3 hours and a neck cramp!

    Good luck with you and your little one. I'm hoping it's just all phase they will get over.. SOON!!! lol
  7. One of my friends had to call in a sleep consultant/baby whisperer person around 4 months. Apparently they go through phases, and you may have to have them come back in periodically to help retrain. Her little guy is sleeping 12 hours at a stretch now! He's also enormous, one of those top 5-10% of the weight range, so can go longer without eating.
  8. Swanky,

    He's playing a lot during his wakeful period. I want to stimulate him and then around 30 min's before I soothe him, I slowly start winding him down by massaging him and going into his room where's there's not a lot of light and stimulation. For his age, it's about 2 hours of wakeful time. And yes, I'm still nursing. No idea about the growth spurt. Are they supposed to go through one around this age??
  9. Julia went through a growth spurt at around 4 months, and her sleep paterns (she's always been a very good sleeper) were gone...She was constantly up, constantly crying, cranky, always wanting to nurse...I thought I was going to pull my hair out!
  10. Hmmmmm...maybe that's what's going on. Owen is doing the same things. How long before your DD went back to "normal?"
  11. It didn't last for very long...I'd say around a week or so??

    Also, is Owen teething?
  12. it could TOTALLY be a growth spurt! Growth spurts are about every 4 weeks this age and can really jack up a baby's schedule:yes:
    Have you noticed he's a little hungrier laterly?
  13. Not that I'm aware of....of course he very well could be and I not know.

    Swanky, haven't really noticed THAT much of a change in his hunger but he frequently eats normally anyway.

    At any rate, his sleeping has improved since my OP but his afternoon nap is only an hour now but I'll take it!!!! He wakes about 1-2x/night now so it SEEMS as if it's back to normal now...until next month! :sweatdrop:
  14. I agree. I think it's a growth spurt. It will probably last 2 weeks or so.