Anyone heard of rio leather just bought purse from Shepton Mallet??

  1. Hi I've just bought a padlock wallet (unseen) from The Shepton Outlets.
    They told me it is rio leather... quite close to darwin but shinier??
    It is a medium choc sized one and was £105, I know I can exchange if I don't like it etc but has anyone seen one of these??
  2. Oooo,no sorry I have'nt,but if anyone could post a pic I am very curious.....xx
  3. I saw the padlock wallets when I was there. They are very nice, quite chunky and, yes, a bit shinier than the matt leather of the darwin ones.
  4. thanks Sara Jane, I prefer the smaller ones, but my purse is always bulging and I really need a larger size one!!
    I must admit my bags tend to look quite shiny with all the polishing, feel a bit more confident about it now!!
  5. My Ayler is rio but I don't have any pics of that.

    DH's Antony (which he *still* hasn't been given :nogood:as there are another 2 weeks until his birthday) is in chocolate Rio. It's very like Darwin but shinier and less prone to scratching, imo. I'll try and find the photo I posted...
  6. Here they are:


    It's not quite as shiny IRL.

    Congrats on another fab Mulberry purchase, rachiem, looking forward to pics. Is it going under the tree?! :lol:
  7. Ditab, thanks so much for going to all the trouble!! Really appreciated.
    I've been considering a purse for a while, but eBay looks like a no no, there's just too many fakes.
    The rio leather looks really nice and I think it will go well with my other bags.
    This is definately one to go under the tree!!!
  8. hi , you have to look twice before realising it isn't darwin ,I have seen quite a few rio now .
  9. thanks, I'll let you know when i receive it....