Anyone heard of

  1. Still looking for a good deal on a pair of Rock and Republic's and I found this site. ( anyone ordered from here, are they reputable? Are the jeans the real thing?

    Thanks so much to anyone with information. They seem to be about $50.00 cheaper than anywhere else I've looked. If it's real, does anyone have promo codes? :yes: Much appreciation, thanks!
  2. Planet Funk is a great store, selling authentic items. There are lots of stores in Southern California. They just opened a kids store at a Westfield mall here in the Bay Area called "Play".

    If you fill out the survey you get 10% off your purchase during your birthday month.

    Planet Funk - Club Planet Funk

    sign up for their email list, because they send coupons to me every now and then as well.
  3. Yep, Planet Funk is located at the mall near me and they have a lot of stores in California.
  4. Yes, they're a great store! I've only bought online from them though...but I do like them a lot.
  5. You guys are so great, thanks so much for all the info. Now, if I can just find a promo code!
    BTW, how do R&R's fit compared to say seven's? I've heard to order one size down? Is this true? This will be my first pair of R&R's, I'm finally branching out from seven's, joe's and tag's.....hooray.

    Thanks again!!!
  6. Great store! They always have discounted jeans in-store... and a great selection overall!
  7. Yes they have a few stores in LA area, great selection of jeans
  8. I think I will go ahead and order them today. Anyone have a free shipping code? Their shipping rates are quite expensive! thanks all who responded :p
  9. Planet Funk has stores in mall for adults and kids. They sell all high end authentic stuff!
  10. don't always size down in R&R. it all depends on the wash, what are you buying?