anyone heard of NAUGHTY MONKEY shoes?? These are HOT!!

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  2. i've bought some before on sale, they kinda hurt after a while :sad: but a good buy if you're only wearing them for a couple hours.
  3. They are cute though... Just make sure you dont have to be on your feet to o long the first day you wear them
  4. Cute shoe. Wrong board. :smile:
  5. cute!
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    I've seen lots of styles before on

    Never bought any, but they sure are adorable.
  7. Those are cute! I saw a pair a while ago I really loved, but I can't find them anymore.

    Does anybody know if anywhere in the UK sell this brand?
  8. I've always loved some of their styles, but I've never owned any myself. But for that price they are definitely worth a try, especially if you can wear them a few hours at a time at first to get used to them.
  9. I bought a pair at Nordies, but I ended up returning them because the heel made them hard to walk in. IDK if you've ever had shoes like this, but it wasn't that the heel was too high, it was just at a weird angle or something :confused1:

    They were a little wide, but tts otherwise, and GORGEOUS. They looked like very expensive, well made shoes IRL. I'd try another pair if I saw a good deal :yes:
  10. I have about 6 pair. I am definitely not a narrow foot & they would probably be too roomy if your foot is on the narrow side. It's hard to beat them for cute styles, but I do usually have to put an insert in them. (I have a high arch & instep, so I pretty much expect that with most brands). Honestly, if you like them, give them a shot. Endless has a free return shipping policy. Try a pair around the carpet, see how they treat your feet. You never know which brand is going to be the one that fits you until you try.

    Good Luck.
  11. While I don't own any I always look at their designs while I'm on my shoe shopping expeditions. They are really funky in a good way, kwim
  12. have these ones:


    love them, but I have a high arch and these have no padding/support....need to buy inserts usually or else after a couple of hours they kill
  13. I have quite a few pair of these shoes. I must have the "model" feet from the designer. I have taken each pair out of the box and worn them to work for 9+ hours a day without having to take them off.

    My girlfriends tease me, wanting to know if I sleep in them too!

  14. I ordered the Walk The Talk in black/white/pink from Endless, but they're going to have to go back - I don't have an overly wide foot, but these are way too narrow for me.

    I am kind of interested to know if the open toe version is any better though. Anyone know?