Anyone heard of Michelle Vale handbags?

  1. I just saw an amazing handbag by Michelle Vale in Lucky magazine's Sept 07 issue... It's listed as one of their best new designers. Has anyone bought one of her bags yet? I went on the website over the weekend and the collection looks gorg!!
  2. Indeed, they do look gorgeous....I would really need to see them IRL? Wonder who will carry them? Calling our NYC area tpfers.....have you seen any of her bags?
  3. I just googled her and found this:

    The hardware switches out, the bags come with a gold and silver set! Yeah, I have finally found the bag of my dreams!!!
  4. Whenever someone really new posts for the first time about a new store or designer, I always wonder if they're affiliated. Three of the four posts of this person are about that designer's bags. (But the bags do look nice!)
  5. I have been reading the blog for awhile now, but only joined today as the recent Lucky article prompted me to get more info. I have been looking for a unique option for awhile now and was excited to find this line. Wanted to see if i could get more info.
  6. I have just pre-ordered a Michelle Vale handbag off their website... I chose the Entrechat in Cloud... for $895!!! Too bad I have to wait until the 30th of August when they promise I will have it.

    :yes: Hope it looks as good when I get it as it does on the site. .. had trouble with the colors on the webpage, they seem a little off but love the style and look of the bag.
    I will give you all my impressions when I open it and see.

    Anyone else hear of any new up and coming handbag designers available in stores?? I need something for a party next week?
  7. Maybe it's just me, but I think these bags are a little pricey for a new designer.
  8. I hear ya. I kind of struggled with the price.. but I am thinking of it as two bags in one. The product description says that it has two sets of hardware that can be changed. It's all TBD until it arrives!! We shall see.
  9. I read that you purchased a Michelle Vale bag. What do you think of? I was thinking about purchasing one myself.
  10. I had seen these In Lucky and checked out the website. While I like some of the designs, I agree the prices are way too high for a new designer. I'd definitely need a sample sale to try one.
  11. I bought the Travesti by Michelle Vale last week and received it yesterday! I love it. It is quite large but very versatile. I'm not sure I could use it in all the ways it can be transformed, (backpack, shoulder bag and you can use the handles to carry it on your arm), I will probably only use it as a shoulder bag. The bag is a thick pebbled leather with crackled gold leather on the flaps and it is suede lined. I really love this purse and I think it was well worth the money!
    Actually here's a secret..I got the handbag for around $660. I used the 25% off discount and the member discount which is 3%, then on top of that this one happened to be a featured product and they offered me an extra 10% off that. I don't know if they realize how much that is adding up but I got a bargain! Here's the pictures!
    travest1.jpg travesti2.jpg travesti.jpg
  12. That's really a great deal. I like that you can change the style of the bag, that's really interesting.
  13. Do any of you know if the bag Kate Bosworth is holding is a Michelle Vale?