Anyone heard of LXR&CO?

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  1. Anyone purchased from their website Would love to hear about other's experiences. Any thoughts on the authenticity of the products? Thanks!
  2. I've purchased an authenticate bag from them before.

    Downside: Sometimes their prices are a little higher than other resellers, and their shipping is SO slow.
  3. Haven't heard of it before...I'd hesitate with a big purchase personally
  4. I get email updates from them. Their prices seem quite high compared to other sites. I do notice they're getting a lot of bloggers (especially on Instagram) to post about their site. I only found out about their "Birkin Bar" from the Blonde Salad girl.
  5. Like many "resellers" - in addition to their stand alone business, they partner with flash deal sites - most recently HauteLook (which is owned by Nordstrom).

    I purchased a vintage item from them - through HauteLook. Lighting was overexposed - which did not accurately represent wear. (However, this is not uncommon. But, given their high prices, and no return policy during flash sales, this is not ideal.)

    So far, I haven't had any concerns about authenticity. However, it is always wise to authenticate any item, if there's any doubt.


  6. haven't purchased directly through them but bought a bag from a flash sale site (Beyond The Rack) and with the bag was a tag that it was authenticated by Lxr & Co. I did have the bag authenticated here to be sure and it was fine.

    ^Interesting that Haute Look gets their bags from them too. Guess we know where the supply from the flash sale sites is coming from! I know a lot of us have wondered
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    I've seen quite a few "resellers" as sourcing sellers on flash sale sites. To name a few:

    A Second Chance Resale
    Linda's Stuff (they're on ebay)
    Bella Bag
    Decades Inc.

    Generally... I prefer to be familiar with the sourcing seller... rather than the flash sale site... since the sourcing seller is usually the one providing items, photos, and descriptions. In HauteLook's case w/LXR... they didn't list the sourcing seller. But sourcing sellers are often listed during flash sales on various flash sale sites. (And honestly, that's my preference.)


  8. Havent heard till now..
  9. I did get to know about LXR&CO through a Fashion magazine in Canada. So I thought it would be legitimate and great. I've been following one of their items and noticed they changed the information on the same item (same pictures = same item, different retail price one listed at $350 on March 1, 2014 and listed again at $250 on March 27 using a different font used on the same item). I contacted them about it and all they said was:

    ''Thank you for sending through the photos.

    I have gone through both listing and yes, you were correct that both items were listed at different prices. As I stated, before there are different people who edit the sales each week. If you notice, there is only a 1% difference between the discounted amount. Again the prices are an approximation and we have also lowered the price significantly the second time the item was listed.''

    I was baffled. Who would have wanted to pay a higher price in the first place thinking they made a good deal?

    Now today I spotted some other issue with Totally PM bags from Louis Vuitton advertised at crazy retail prices (one is advertised at $3,095 and the other at $2,975). I checked again on Vuitton sites both Canadian ($1,290 for a PM) and US ($1,230) and they are way off, making people think they have a great deal when they're not). I let you be the judge of that but it looks like there is something fishy here.

    PS: The pictures are screen captures, I only erased the line with my favorites tabs cause my website and blog are there) :smile:

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  10. They've opened a few brick-and-mortar stores, including one in Toronto just a few weeks ago (inside the Bay at Yonge/Queen)!

    Planning on checking it out this week ...the good thing about shopping vintage in person is that you can see item conditions for yourself.

    I know they also have stores in Beverly Hills and NYC ...
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    I was just looking for reviews or even a single review of Lxrco (or lxr & co ?) and saw your post Trendybibi on the really false and inflated retail prices. Your post was in May this year and I checked now, a few months later, and it's so true! They're sill doing it. Totally Ripoff pricing for a lot of their items. It's so frustrating to think that someone who has less experience in buying luxury goods (especially online) would fall for that. I mean, personally I could never trust a company that tries to dupe customers like that. Big turn off. :tdown::tdown:

    I took some screenshots too just to show. LXR&CO had a dirty looking LV Keepall 50 Damier Azur without even the strap (so not Bandouliere), and they list the retail at $2635 and they're selling it for $1320 usd. Whaaat?

    Their supposed retail is almost DOUBLE the actual retail just so it looks like they're offering a 'deal'. Honestly it's kind of repulsive...ugh. I could see if a company trying to estimate or ballpark an item that's no longer available, or to account for price increases over the years, but this is just false advertising on items that are still in LV boutiques. That's just bad business ethics. I would never buy from them based on their track record of doing this kind of shady thing.

    Just to compare, you can get a brand new basic LV Keepall 50 Damier Azur from for $1370 usd. Hard to imagine anyone would knowingly buy the dirty used one when you can get it brand new for only $50 more. The truth is, I don't think anyone would if they knew the truth. :nogood:

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  12. Hello @trendybibi @suellebaby,

    We would like to clarify the concern you have expressed over what you believe has been inflated MSRP pricing.

    We were able to trace back the original listing of the Keepall 50 in Damier Azur for $1,320USD here:

    We would like to stress that our website works primarily in USD currency. Even though we do cater to other countries such as Canada and parts of Europe, the pricing that includes MSRP is based off of USD pricing. Please note that the foreign MSRP pricing is based off of the exchange rate from the day it was uploaded and from what we can see, you were both registered under Canadian accounts.

    Unfortunately, the MSRP pricing of a Louis Vuitton product in Canada is not necessarily a direct conversion of its American pricing. A clear example of this is a Keepall 50 sold at retail for $1,370USD and $1,380CAD. With today’s conversion of 1.15, our system would raise the MSRP on the Canadian pricing to $1,575CAD. Ultimately, we would like to stress to our customers that the MSRP posted on our website is approximate and based on current USD market price.

    It is not in our interest to inflate the pricing or trick customers to perceive certain items as a deal. We apologize for any confusion caused and hope that this helps to clarify the issue at hand. Please note that we are currently working towards rectifying this conversion problem and would be more than happy to address any of your other concerns directly at info[at]lxrco[dot]com.

    Kind regards,
    On behalf of the LXR&CO team
  13. I am thinking of purchasing from them. I wish they have a bigger collection. I have never done the vintage route before but really want to find a vintage Chanel or Kelly.

    Hope their shipping is not a nightmare especially to EU countries.
  14. Hi @Sarah_sarah

    If you're looking for something specific you can always send us an email directly at We've done special orders to certain EU countries before. We can give you a better estimate of shipping time and any VAT concerns you might have if you send through your inquiries our way.

    Best regards,
    LXR&CO team