Anyone heard of Loewe Valentini? Could this be the next big thing?

  1. For some reason that link refuses to load for me, but I checked out the other bags and I really like some of them.
  2. Loewe is quite popular overseas in Hong Kong and China...
  3. Loewe is very popular in Germany. I just love them. They are a very exclusive Spanish brand.
  4. They are popular in Singapore too - lovely bags!
  5. Ok theres a difference between Lowe Valentini (whic you gave te link for) and the very famous luxury brand Loewe (which is part of te LV group).

    Lowe Valentini is a less well known, but still highly regarded luxury brand. It is a subtle brand that conecentrates on leathers and convienece more than designs. They have a handful of key designs that come in various colour and it is not often they have new designs.
    The bags are mostly quite large and have equisite leather. ...and no, i do not work for them!

    Loewe on the other hand is an amzing brand (I would die for the Amazona 2005!). It is also a highly regarded clothes designer. I honestly think theyre designs are SO cool and understated! Love Love love!
  6. Ahh, I didn't make that point of differentiation between the 2, hmm...

    Well, I REALLY like the Loewe Valentini's and hope to see them in Toronto!
  7. As I recall, they're an old company, and the LV factory in Spain was purchased from them. Don't quote me on it though. ;)

  8. Thats Loewe. Thats the point I was making. Jo Ly means the relativly new designer Lowe Valentini at
  9. Yep, like Londonbrat said, you're talking about two different brands.
    Loewe is spanish,
    Löwe Valentini is Swiss I think.
  10. Thanks ladies. Nope, then I haven't heard of this brand. I suppose hundreds of brands are trying to crop up now that handbags are the main accessory.