Anyone heard of Kuwait Mall?

  1. Hi I am new on here :smile: Just by chance from browsing around google I have come across this Kuwait Mall. They sell disegners' items incl Dior and claim all their items are 100%authentic and new? Have anyone heard of this site? If so how are they? The price seems to be quite expensive but still wonder. Thank you very much
  2. Are you sure its not just a mall in Kuwait?
  3. yeah sounds like a mall in Kuwait which probably sells designer things n i wouldnt think they sell things online? could you type the address here

    I just came across it while searching for more bags :p. They seem to have a lot of things.
  5. very expensive!!
  6. They stole most of their bag pictures from, and the picture of their Gaucho is of a fake Gaucho. I would not trust this site.
  7. I am glad I posted on here to ask then :smile: Thank you all of you. Especially when their bags are more expensive than any other sites to start with. Seems dodgy though having all these sites around. :tdown: