Anyone heard of Kooba's "Virginia"??

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  1. Hi everyone- Happy Thanlsgiving!!
    I need some help please! I picked up a cute messenger-style bag at the Kooba Samlpe Sale in NYC last week. The style is Virginia, and the color is Berry- a deep eggplant looking purple. I was just wondering if anyone knew what collection/ season this bag is from, and if "Berry" is a color that Kooba used to use. Also, there's no price on the Original Kooba tag- could this be a prototype, or a design that never really got produced and sold?? There were only 2 of these bags at the sale. Any ideas??? Thanks for your help!
  2. I'd like to know the history of Kooba and some info on the older bags. I know they had about 3 styles of colorful inner linings and are quite different from today's current bags. The oldest Kooba I have is the Brooklyn and Tatum but they look like the newer bags as far as leather, buckles, and suede linings.
    I know a poster here bought and sold a Bag she got at a sample sale that looked just liked today's Jessie in a color that was never made. I'd love to go to a Sample sale.....none in my neck of the woods.