anyone heard of

  1. Are they any good? Looking to buy the L'epanoui GM from eluxury (not available in UK) and I asked them to buy it for me and I would then buy it from them. They agreed. But then I qouted a price which allows them to make a profit and haven't heard from them since.

    Does anyone know of any reputable websites or eBay sellers I could ask to do this for me?

    I really want that bag especially as it is discontinued over here which probably means that it will be very hard to find in a few years time.
  2. Hi there
    I don't know these but why don't you check out - they were recommended by German Instyle - and they also deal with eluxury.
    Also, I don't think you need to go through all the fuss with quoting a price as they do it automatically
    be aware though of customs etc. :sad::rolleyes:

    hope this helps

    Oh, I forgot to say - I have not used it yet, so I am not 100% on how it works. Maybe someone else here in the forum has?
  3. Yes, is authentic, offers wonderful customer service and rare pieces. I ordered from them and am very happy. You should contact Karen again if you´re bothered. She probably just haven´t found one yet.
  4. ITA!
  5. kk is authentic. but i like let trades prices better!
    you'll love it! his prices even include ship!
  6. Thanks you guys. But the thing is would let-trade actually order it from eluxury and then send it to me do you think? I don't want a used one. Also anyone heard of and are they any good?
  7. a friend bought something from ralph lauren online and ordered it with She was happy with it!
  8. Most let-trade bags are used, sometimes they get new ones. IF you want a new one, why don't you order from eluxury directly?
  9. They don't ship to the UK
  10. Try calling the LV customer service line for the United Kingdom-(44) 207 399 40 50. Maybe they can locate one for you.
  11. I tried but they said I would have to contact LV USA how do I do that? The online store is basically eLuxury and I am aware that they don't ship internationally. Does anyone have a USA LV store phone number I could call or maybe USA LV customer service line?

    Would they be willing to ship internationally do you think?

    I might actually try France......:sweatdrop:
  12. Hi Staci B, Im from the UK too. I talk to Karen Regularly and she is lovely, I would recommend her. I was actually talking to her today. Im sure she would do you a good deal. I think she is very busy with her site etc. so I would give her some time. Im sure she will come up for you !. Good luck !
  13. Karen is so sweet and very reputable! I have bought a few items from her and she has always exceeded my expectations! And I love all the little extras, too!