Anyone heard of Hayden-Harnett?

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  1. :heart: Someone told me about this new designer and I was wondering if anyone has actually bought anything from them? Anyone know anything about them??
    I was looking at their website Hayden-Harnett Handbags & Accessories
    and all their stuff looks amaaazing but I want to know more before I buy!!:wlae:
  2. yes, i have heard of him...but i didn't buy any of his bags until know...although i really like them !!!
  3. :yes: Which bag did you buy?? I've previously owned a Botkier bag and also a Kooba but I was kind of unsatisfied with them after a someone told me about Hayden-Harnett.....I really want to know more!!! :rolleyes:
  4. i guess their bags are decent.... have heard of them but never saw them in the store..
  5. :yahoo: I just bought the NICO HOBO in PEWTER from hayden-harnett and it is goregeous!!!!!!


    I think you should definitely buy one, or maybe look for one on sale =)
  6. I LOVE their bags. Right now I have a Havana hobo and one of their summer bags. They have a lot of nice new ones on their site now.
  7. I first saw 2 of these at . . . . T. J. Maxx!!! I bought one and came home and looked it up. They were by far the best bags at the place. T.J. ocassionally has coach/dooney/lovecat/tumi/longchamp. Usually just a few - although I've been seing more and more dooney and coach.

    I bought a large messenger and love it.
  8. :heart: That's so funny about the T.J. Maxx....... I've only looked at their website but I've never seen them in stores. I'm glad you guys are helping me out! Any suggestions for a new fall bag?? I've been so indecisive!!
  9. I have the Havana Hobo and it's quite nice. The leather is very smooth and the bag is extremely light. It's a decent size and good quality, but overalll I do think HH is overpriced for what you get.
  10. I feel like the prices are pretty decent, that's one of the reasons I like them so much, and I agree the Havana Hobo is great, especially if you want a roomier bag! :love:
  11. i agree with kristina. i actually think that their bags are extremely well-priced for the quality. i do know that they use a few different kinds of leathers, so there is probably a little variation, but i have 2 and they have held up really well - i think they are really well-detailed as well.
  12. Here is an image of the pewter I was talking about earlier (this is a different model though) if that helps you!

  13. Thanks so much for your input everyone!! :heart:

    I am currently thinking about this havana hobo in chocolate as a fall bag, and it seems big enough to hold everything.

    What other bags does everyone else own though???


  14. OMG!!! I just ordered the Nico bag in luggage!!!! It's on it's way~ it will be here on Thursday! I'll let you know what I think!!!!!!!!!!!