Anyone heard of Haifa Wehbe

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    My Official Website 2005 ! for more info
    "Lebanese model, actor, and singer who rose to fame in the Arab world"
    i think she was like #43 on top 99 women
  2. havent heard of her but she's really pretty..
  3. She's beautiful. Probably more so than a lot of the ladies ranked ahead of her!
  4. I'm sure she will become more famous. Right now people are all about Kim Somethian' s sex tape, and since it's not really clear whether the alleged Haifa Wehbe sex tape is really her or not, naturally it's not going to have the same punch. What she needs probably is her own reality show.
  5. omg you heard about Haifa Wehbe sex tape too..
  6. I am not following this....
  7. Yep, us middle eastern girls definately know who she is : )
  8. ^^ ditto
  9. i've seen her sex tape and i GUESS * not 100% sure* that its her but this tape was recorded waaay back in the 1990's, when she was 1st known as a model, yet i might be mistaken ..

    she's one of the most gorgeous ladies here in mid east, i dont like her though.
  10. i know her yes.. i dont like her though
  11. The most popular Lebanese woman in our region :yucky:
  12. Never heard of her, but she is stunning!!
  13. Know her, but hate her..not a fan of hers at all...
  14. :yes: