Anyone heard of Guia handbags?

  1. A lady came into the store I work at today and she was Italian and had a beautiful bag. Black and kinda looked like this:


    I asked her who it was buy and she said Guia in Italy.

    Just wondering if anyone has ever heard of them. It was a gorgeous bag. It was black and that shape and shiny patent like uhhh GORGEOUS!
  2. Thanks I found the first page but not the second.
  3. Yes, I just picked up a great-looking Guia's black hair and patent leather tote at TJ Maxx! It was $229! I looked it up on eBay and it was there for more. This is a nice line of handbags. I have the pony and patent bowling like bag too. The handles are a bit short, but it's nice. TJ Maxx has some great bags...but you have to really shop.
  4. I've all ways see them at TJ Maxx, and Marshall's. Decent leather bags, but I really don't like the big name plate on the front, which seems to be the trend with the Italian designers they carry.
  5. ^^ I was going to say the same thing ^^
  6. Yes, my TJMaxx always has several also. They seem very nice.
  7. responding to question:

    Yes I have several purses from Guias. My husband is from Italian and he has brought me back atleast 6 of them. They are great and with time the leather get softer. Honestly, they are the best non-branded purses that I have ever purchased. I would HIGHLY recommended these purses. If I found them in a TJ MAXX I would scoop them up. I always get compliments!
  8. none of my purses have a big branded label on the front of them. Some of my purses are hand mande.