Anyone heard of before?


Jan 8, 2007
Nowhere out of ordinary.
Hi, all. I was looking on this website and they have super affordable diamond lists the clarity, shape, and everything.

Reason being is that my SO is buying me a pair and I was originally going to get them from Blue Nile, but if someone else can knock a hundred dollars off the price for him, then I would take it. (Of course the color grade & things might be a little bit lower but it lists all that.) With Blue Nile, I have a lot of confidence though. I have no idea about this website. I mean they do have testimonials, but not a ton, their reviews are only 4 pages long. It seems like they are supposed to be very flexible with returns/exchanges though. I suppose I could always buy them, take them to a local jeweler and have her inspect them to make sure they are real diamonds and things. If they aren't, I could send them back simply for the reason that I didn't like them. Has anyone heard of them??


Mar 22, 2007
I've never heard of them, they may be a new online vendor. That said, you get what you pay for, and reputation is everything.

I personally am not a fan of Blue Nile because the lack of up front information is a dealbreaker for me ... I recommend and buy from sites like Brian Gavin Diamonds, James Allen, High Performance Diamonds, Good Old Gold, etc. because you get actual photos of the diamond you're buying, ASET and Idealscope images of the diamond your buying, the report of the diamond your buying, all the data is right there, vs just some of it, plus a report and no photo.
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