Anyone heard of CKNW purses?

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  1. Hi all.....I have a question.
    I just moved to Canada recently and I noticed a store called CKNW.
    Some of their purses look rather cheap, but they do have a few different collections that are made of really nice looking pebble leather, running around $170-$200 per purse.
    Can anyone in Canada (or elsewhere) tell me if this is a good, quality brand?
    I am originally from the States and I have never heard of them, nor do I know if their leather wears well, if the color doesn't fade, etc.
    Thanks for any and all input!
    Hugs! :heart:
  2. I have to say that I think they only carry low quality bags. A few of my friends have purchased from them in the past and the bags were of very poor quality and fell apart. I don't think that they bought any of the more expensive ones though, so I can't coment on those
  3. Thanks for the feedback, bmini.
    Does anyone else know anything about CKNW bags?
  4. I know the store you mean, and have only bought small items from there, and an evening bag. My wallet though seems to be holding up and I bought it about three years ago. It is in a patent finish and still is pretty shiny. Actually now that I think about it, I did buy a bag there, but I gave it away two days later as our neighbor had been hit by a skunk and had to throw out her purse, so I didn't have a chance to use it!
  5. Anyone else know about CKNW bags?
    Are they good quality? Does their leather wear well?
  6. Yes, my BF bought me a neat navy tote (pleather) at one of their shops in Vancouver. I love it! I use it to travel because I do not want to ruin my leather purses and it has held up very well. Here's a pic:
    CNKW.jpg CNKW2.jpg
  7. Hi Ladies, I scored a beautiful carry bag for days when I need a lot of gear. It is from CNKW. The leather is beautiful and the lining is also. The seams are well sewn and the strap is lovely no rough edges. I'll post a pic when I get a second.
  8. Never heard of these bags before, sorry!
  9. I have noticed that their prices for luggage are very expensive compared to other retailers.

    They always seem to be offering some type of sale and discounts which are still expensive unless you shop around at other retailers.