Anyone heard of Chaps brand bags at Kohl's?

  1. I saw this bag on their site and thought it was cute, and not bad for $45.90. Description says it is leather.

  2. no but i do have a bag from kohl's that looks kind of similar but a different brand and it is a nice bag for rainy days. i enjoy it.
  3. What I know is that CHAPS is a fashion and apparell brand from Thailand. It's very huge there and they have several stores at prominent malls. They carry really trendy stuffs like jeans, dresses, jackets, tops, shoes, accessories, bags etc. It's basically similar to Limited or GAP in the States. Hope it helps.
  4. I think Chaps is made by Ralph Lauren. I have a Chaps button down shirt from Kohls and I like it. It's well made for what it cost me...
  5. Thanks for the input. I don't have a Kohl's near me(closest one is an hour away, so I don't go often) to be able to check out the bag first hand.
  6. I think it's cute! I don't have a Kohl's near me either (hour and a half away). But I'm going soon for X-Mas shopping, so I'll check them out then : )