Anyone heard of

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  1. Hello Ladies,

    I came across this website while I was reading an article on Sample Sales in NY on AOL. In their FAQ section they have:

    Q: Are Your Products Genuine?
    A: Absolutely Yes! All items we sell are 100% authentic products. All items come with their original dust bags and tags/labels of authenticity. All items we sell are brand new items, we do not sell any items which are factory seconds and/or damaged stock. We strictly do not sell inspired and/or compared items. We buy directly from authorised distributors and reputable resellers who are mainly based in Italy and who deal directly with the brand suppliers.

    So what do you think? Their prices are also unusually low for the bags they carry.
  2. I've never heard of them, but their prices are SO low that it would make me really hesitate. I've never found a situation where when things seemed too good to be true to actually be true!
  3. Ditto - I would ask about a money-back guarantee on authenticity. Ask them what the procedure would be for a return. If merchandise is authentic, people are only too happy to say, "no worries - we'll take it back," because it's so unlikely to happen. See what kind of a response you get.
  4. I have my doubts. A B-bag for under $500? Not likely!
  5. Hi There Pursefan!!! I'm new here and just would like to share what I know. Please don't buy ffom them. They're selling fake bags. Be careful and do your homework first before purchasing. I almost got taken with this sites: Bergacci, Laperle, bestunion and ... They are all selling fake bags from China, and claiming their bags AUTHENTIC. Please google search Fetucci scam... and you will see the result that they are all operated under one roof and just ripping people with their money. I hope the information I gave you helps. the only online store that's reputable is eluxury which is owned by LVMH and Netaporter. Bluefly, if you'll google search them about scam, appears to be unreliable too (I don't know how true is this though). I am selling authentic bags and get a good deal from Premium Outlets. Sometimes you hit a jackpot and could actually get purses there that are new styles for 40 to 50% off. That's how my business and lifestyle lives... lol... I am just lucky to be able to live 2 hours away from this very big premium outlet. Goodluck to you!!!
  6. Thank you so much Redcarpetzonly! :supacool: I will not be buying anything from them.
  7. Dear Pursefan,

    I was recently ripped off by I bought a Gucci bag, which never arrived, for the tune of $499, when I contacted my fraud department of my credit card, amazingly a fake gucci apppeared in my mail within days. I then returned the bag immediately, and have had no responses from Brandunions, no refund of my money, yet they were able to sends a receipt to my credit card company saying that they sent the merchandise. They are a company opperated out of Burbank California by non-english speaking asians. They are very slick. I had the receipt of signature saying that I sent back the merchandise that they actually signed (this was supplied to me by UPS), but at this point the credit card fraud department said I had to take it up directly with the merchant, however any phone numbers that they have are on a constant busy signal, and you will never get a direct response from an e-mail from them. (try calling or contacting them and you will see what I mean). And, on top of it, their bags are the kind of fakes that are sold in Chinatown on Canal street that can be bought for $20. PLEASE don't buy from them ! I f you get this, I will be glad to speak to you directly via cell phone if you wish - let me know !! Please be warned, I am still out $510 total with nothing to show for it !!!
  8. I am so upset. I bought a Gucci bag from them also for $500. About 2 months into wearing it, I noticed a weird fold in the material which has since proceeded to cause a little fray. Today, one the of the studs came off and the strap broke. I tried to contact them to complain, but there website no longer exists and I can't find them on a Google search. I actually found this site for posting when I ran a search on BrandUnions. I found them thru and have since contacted them. I am seriously contemplating taking legal action because they should not be permitted to engage in fraud, and that is exactly what this is, especially when they purport to give you a controlato card. I'm an attorney so it wouldn't really cost me anything to do. Did you ever get any satisfaction from them? Have you tried contacting them again?

  9. I am so sorry. I am always afraid to order online anymore unless I check the site out first here. Also eBay is such a risky place to buy. I hope you all get justice because this just shouldn't happen.