Anyone heard of a "python spirit flap"?

  1. My SA found me one, from the Look Book, it looks like the E/W flap. It comes in black, green, and white. It came out Fall '06, or Cruise '07, and retailed for $1250 before the price increase, and is now $1550.

    I tried to search in the sub-forum, but all the python flaps I have seen retails for $2995. I'd love to know if it is really python before I get her home. Thanks!
  2. Hmm, under $2k sounds to me like an almost-too-good-to-be-true price for a Chanel python bag (real python, not embossed). Attached is a photo of the Python Spirit Flap that I remember seeing at Saks Chanel a while ago; I think retail on it was ~$2995. Is that the one your SA was referring to? If it really is selling for under $2k now that would be a miracle (and I'd be interested!).
    Python spirit flap $2995.jpg Python spirit flap.jpg
  3. I have no idea! LOL.

    He showed me the Saks lookbook from spring, and it was next to the python that retailed for $2995, $3195, etc. It just looks smaller, but I can't tell by the black and white pages what they are. LOL. I guess I can always return if I don't like it. LOL. Just have no idea what I'm ordering.