Anyone heard about the new camoflouge line w/ blue LVs?


Nov 27, 2006
Los Angeles
I went into my local boutique to buy an epi zippy wallet, and was told about a new camouflage Murakami line being released this July. He said there's a speedy 35 in green & white camo with blue LVs. There's also another new bag style in that line. He said it's being released for 3 months only then it's gone. Anyone heard about this? I was so intrigued I had to put my name on the list for the speedy, of course. :yahoo:
Jun 14, 2006
My store said they are getting stuff, they didnt imply that it was going to be hard to get. Maybe all stores are getting some pieces. Just call your SA and see what they say.


Oct 31, 2006
Brooklyn, NY
According to LV News letter, they will lounch a limited amount at the Brooklyn Museum "June 15, but stores are supose to get them two weeks later. My SA told me July 1st. Since no one really knows how limited or not it will be, I have put my name on the list just in case. HTH