Anyone hear of Forty Nine Sq handbags?

  1. I just got off the phone with the Muse Ten boutique in CA and the SA was spoke very highly about the Forty nine Sq handbags. I guess they just recently started carrying this designer and it's been very popular in the store.

    I was wondering if anyone had any feedback on?
  2. I saw them on the Muse Ten site and was curious. I also saw a couple of them in a local boutique and thought they were fairly nice but nothing I would pay retail for. I wasn't crazy about the thick stitching that looks almost like yarn to me. The plum color is gorgeous though.
  3. I just saw a few of their styles at a boutique here (Una). One was a roomy hobo in a crackly/distressed semi-patent, another was a clutch in very soft buttery leather, and another shoulder bag in the same soft leather. The SA was telling me that they're made in the same factory (?) as Kooba but they're not owned by the same company. I liked them but they seemed pricey...$750 for the oversized hobo.
  4. Have one and I LOVE it.:tup:
  5. not blushing post pics. The leather looks delightful. The colors seem pretty too. i have never heard of them.
  6. Sorry I just get error messages that my images are too big, and I don't know how to resize them to post them.
    I tried searching tpf for instructions, to no avail.:sad: