Anyone hear from Casey?

  1. Pulse about the Trasporto? Did I miss a thread since I can't even find Tokidoki on the Pulse site?
  2. when i talked to her on tuesday they hadn't gotten them in yet..
  3. I emailed her about changing my credit card on my account for my pre-order and she replied, but i didnt ask her about their website or the status of Trasporto.
  4. Nope, we're still waiting:whistle:....the only place I have seen them so far is
  5. i guess i should've asked today when i put in my order for the tutti cucciolo
    but they don't have any denaros or caramellas available anywho...

    anyway, i'm sure she'll be contacting you guys soon if you have a preorder :smile:
  6. Thanks for all the quick responses! Grrr...I thought we'd be the first ones to get them like with the Tutti....:push:
  7. hmm she didnt mention anything today but i did order a vacanze gioco! my first pre-order, im so excited :smile:
  8. aww yay, so did i! did you request any placement on it?
  9. well didn't they have a really late shipment for something before they got the 2-3 early shipments?
  10. i emailed her yesterday and she's been swamped. she said they're hoping to get their transporto shipments SOON. =)
  11. I didnt request a placement yet, I figure once they come in then I'll have her find me a good one before she ships it! I'm still trying to narrow it down lol - vacanze will prolly be the first print i buy multiples in tho, so ill have to pick and choose which print placements i want on which bags!
  12. I emailed her today and she said next week sometime. Maybe Tuesday *hoping*:sweatdrop:
  13. I think it's so weird that Pulse used to get stuff before everyone else and this time they're seeminly last or close to last...
  14. Yeah, I find that weird too...and frustrating. I would have canceled my order and just gotten my denaro and Campeggio from when I ordered the Ciao earlier this week if I had known it was going to be this late, but now LeSportsac is sold out of the denaros so I have to keep my pre-order if I want one at a reasonable price. I still cannot believe they sold out of denaros in less than 4 days. I'm going to be disgusted if they all show up on eBay next week at $100+ each.
  15. I wonder if some haters from other retailers somehow convinced LeSportsac to send them their stuff later because they're jealous that Pulse rocks... *lol* Conspiracy!! *lol*