anyone having trouble controlling themselves over pomme?!

  1. I love that color so much! I carry my envelope plate everywhere I go, stuck in its little dust bag or in my hands. I recently purchased something else pomme to share the burden. But I STILL WANT POMME! Now I'm thinking.. do I really want indigo? Do I want that agenda? Or do I really want a mini pomme? OR BOTH?! :sweatdrop: And the ludlow and the french purse...everything looks SO delicious in POMME! Anyone else feeling this way?
  2. YEP! love the pomme, even though I have just a cles it's totally worth it!
  3. Ummmmm, yeah. I guess I have a little trouble.
    LV Complete Pomme family.JPG
  4. LOL definitely~! Not *quite* as impressive as LAmakeup's Pomme eye candy, but here's my contribution to furthering the Pomme economy:

  5. ^ Loves it! so YUMMY!
  6. I love your pomme! Your reade is very cute! I just never get sick of it. I often wonder what I'm going to do when I need to replace one of my pomme babies down the road.:shrugs: Hopefully there will be something as pretty to buy since pomme won't be available by then.
  7. So far I have a cles and key holder but I am pondering the Koala wallet. The red is beautiful!
  8. Awww thanks :shame:! Your collection is what really inspired me to buy, buy, buy Pomme though LOL! I know, I'm hoping I won't have to replace any of these anytime soon, they're just so beautiful :heart:! I can't wait for the Amarante to come out too, clearly I have a vernis problem :sweatdrop:.
  9. mm..yah, I'm addicted to pomme..I had to do a lot of self control for me not to purchase a pomme cles (b/c it's functionality is too much like my flat poucht). buying the agenda sure fixed my cravings.
  10. I have trouble controlling myself over LV in general :p
  11. I love love LVOE Pomme! It's my fav. Vernis color and I usually don't like red.. but this color is so BEAUTIFUL! All I have is the Cles, but I want the Befdord and Reade and Roxbury! I'll be sad to see this color go!
  12. LAmakeup and ChenChen: Hot damn! I loooove the way that brand new vachetta looks against Pomme!!! :drool:
  13. LOL I bought the cles BECAUSE I have the flat pouch! I don't want to ruin it by using it everyday.
  14. It's definitely a beautiful colour. I normally hardly ever go for red in anything (I'd say only about 1% of what I own is red) .... but I am seriously considering getting a pomme wallet.
  15. Pomme is such a cute colour, don't forget production stops soon and when it's gone it's gone!!