Anyone having problems with their GST bags?

  1. Hi Everyone...
    Are there any GST bag owners having problems with their bags? Specifically...the Gold Chain. I tend to carry alot of stuff...I just want to see if any of your gold chain has come apart or not.

    Thank you!
  2. Yes, unfortunately. I do not have the gold hardware, but I just noticed that my silver chains are separating in several different areas. Not the rings, but the links. I'm thinking it might need to go back for repairs.
  3. I have the gold chain and I haven't noticed any problems with my chain/ring/links.

    Since the links are made of metal I'm not surprised it's happens in link bracelets and other things with this kind of links too. I don't think it's a defect, just normal wear and I'm sure it can be repaired easily. Personally I would just close them on my own.
  4. Yes, I have the gold chain and the stiching in the leather that weaves in and out of the chain is coming undone.
  5. Just wanted to mention that I carry a lot of stuff in my GST. I never did this before with any other bag but I started when I got this one. I think it was just the fact that I could, or felt I needed to because of the space. I've used it almost daily for about 10 months and it's in great shape other than the chains. I will try to take pictures in the daytime so you can see what I mean. I'm sure I could fix it myself with pliers but wouldn't want to try it because it could damage the hardware.
  6. I've fixed things with pliers and to prevent damage to the hardware I put a thick, thick piece of something in between the pliers and the get the pressure without leaving marks on the metal. Haven't tried with the Chanel chains since I haven't had a problem with mine (yet) but it works like a charm for everything else...have to make sure that the material is pretty darn thick and durable though.
  7. Oh wow.. I didn't know this happened with the chains, though it actually makes sense now that I think about it!
  8. This scares me! Mine is pretty new so no problems as of yet, but this thread makes me worried!
  9. no - no problems at all
  10. Thank you all for sharing your experiences with the GST bag.
    I am thinking of using the pliers myself. I don't want to send my bag away just yet. I too, just got it for 2 weeks.
    It holds everything that I need. I am just crossing my fingers that nothing happens to my bag.
    It makes me kinda wish that I had bought the Cerf bag instead.
    Oh well.
  11. Why not return the bag for a NEW one? You paid over 2K for a bag you now have to "fix". NO WAY would I do that. :tdown:
  12. I've been using my GST off and on since September. I have traveled with it twice -- heavy, bulky stuff. The chains and links are fine. I see little separations in the links themselves, but they have to be there because that's how the chain is manufactured. The leather in the straps shows some little bits of thread, but again, that's to be expected after wear. There's nothing about the chain that bothers me. If a link actually broke or the leather tore in the handle, then I would take it back to Chanel.
    If the chains are handmade then of course you would see some inconsistency. With all the stuff I put in there, it would have killed any lesser bag!!
  13. Oh wow karman - tks for the tip! :yes:

  14. No problem in far. Ive had my since oct and use it pretty often. my only complaint is no matter how I twist it, it never stays on my shoulder!
  15. ^ Have you tried tucking the outemost strap underneath the innermost strap. I find the falling strap gets on my nerves, so this works like a charm.