anyone having problems with eBay mail systems?


vintage bag lady
Mar 29, 2008

Sorry, rant :rant:plus request for brainstorming pls.:flowers::balloon:

I am using eBay selling manager. I use lots of the automatic messages, and the result has been great feedback.

BUT, in the last few days, weird things are happening. Buyers are not getting messages, or receiving auto emails that their item has been shipped.

I looked at all my settings and I think I am doing it all OK.

I'd really like to be contacting eBay with this BUTTTTTTTTTT
to get the time zone right, I have to stay up until after midnight, then sit in queue for live help. The live help queue got reset twice in the last couple of nights and it's driving me nuts....:sos:

I would ring them, BUTTTTTTTTTTTTT, I need to use skype as I don't want to hang around on international rates and I cannot get skype to work effectively with the tone prompts you need to use when you ring eBay.

Anyone got a hotline for top rated sellers? Please.:smile:

I really like being able to let people know what is going on with their stuff. It is annoying to use the system to the limit and then have people obviously not get their messages.


Labrador Lover
Oct 4, 2006
Have you checked their system announcements and message boards - Technical Board, Seller Central?