Anyone having problems receiving won auction items from San Diego?

  1. I won a Petite Noe last Friday and received an electronic shipping notice from seller, along with email correspondence from same on Sat. but no bag to date. No recent response from seller via email and come to find out from Postal Service that the bag was coming from Rancher Bernarndo, one of the cities devastated in the So. Cal fires. That PO was closed on Monday and no mail left or received at that facility over the weekend is going anywhere UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE....Honestly, I'm more worried about the seller than the bag, but has anyone else had problems from the fires? :sad:
  2. I was wondering the same things . . .
  3. Well, if it was already mailed, it was sent to the distribution center in Carmel Mountain Ranch which I believe was still operating throughout the week.
    Local PO's in the affected areas were closed and won't be open for the rest of the week I don't think. I do remember hearing that people would be able to pick their mail up at their local PO instead of having it delivered since the mail trucks can't get in.
    I had a package to mail when we were evacuated, I took it with me and mailed it in the next town over and let the buyer know that it may be delayed a bit.
    Mail service in my area was out for 2 days and just came back yesterday. It's really been a hassle but overall I think things are going well.
  4. Oh Rebecca!! How aweful for you. I knew you were south of me (in OC) but didn't think you'd be evacuated. Hope everything is ok (as can be) now. I grew up in Escondido/Poway/RanchoB so it's like I'm watching my childhood burn down. What worries me more is that the seller, who seems to be a very nice person, just stopped suddenly replying to me emails, which is uncharacteristic. They probably have bigger fishes to fry than me, but I'm still concerned for their safety.
  5. I didn't think we would either! But when it started moving towards Solana Beach/Del Mar, out we went. We got the reverse 911 call and just packed the car then, but then a police car drove around at about midnight on Monday night to tell everyone that evacuation was mandatory. It was scary, to say the least.
    Anyway, also, the power/internet has been sporadic in some places. We really aren't supposed to use much electricity since some of the main power lines went down so it's possible that your seller doesn't have electricity at the time. Do you know your seller's address? If you do, there's a site where you can see which houses were destroyed or damaged in certain areas. If you click on the link for the map, I think you can go by zip code as well:

    Also, the site I keep checking for fire info just posted this recently:
    "Mail delivery is returning to normal in most areas, except where mandatory evacuations are in place or where air quality is unhealthful, according to a Postal Service spokesman."
  6. Thanks for the link. The zip is 92127, basically the first 1/2 of that list. Now I'm really worried. I don't have the sellers address, just zip and email. I really hope they are ok...
  7. I bought an expensive lindsy woolsy coverlet for my bed. A dealer on the Texas Coast was selling it. Then Katrina hit that area and I couldn't establish further contact with my seller. Weeks later she communicated to me and told me her story (which was very sad).

    Apparently when this woman was fleeing her house, she had took my packaged, coverlet and threw it on her bed. When she returned to her damaged property she found my bag intact and mailed it to my home. I guess I would have been out of luck if it went under water. Truly like the PP I was thrilled that the woman and her family were okay.
  8. Which kinda leads me to a delicate question: If I can't get in touch with seller, do I wait it out or put a claim in with the PO as they said I could after Monday? Susie, how did you handle it? Just waited and hoped, and then it showed up, or contacted PayPal (since you didn't know at first what was causing the delay), etc.?
  9. ^Did the seller have a phone number listed? Maybe you can contact her saying you purchased the Noe from her and tell her that you hope everything is ok with her family and house. I would actually prefer to do that rather than contact paypal or the PO right away because it would show that you genuinely care about her, knowing that her area was affected by the fires and hope she's ok rather than filing a claim right away.
  10. I totally agree. No, they didn't have a number in the emails, but the internet is an amazing and scary thing. I found a phone number for them, it just feels kind of stalkerish to use it.....
  11. I agree with Lvbabydoll. I'd try to get her phone# from eBay and contact her. This whole fire thing is really scary. I lived next to an area that was evacuated because of the Hayman fire here in Colorado a several years back and it was really scary. We could see the fire on the glowing on the other side of Pike's Peak and there were ashes flying down into the parking lot where I worked. It was crazy! I'm glad you guys are ok, Lvbabydoll & Brennamom! My best friend's little sister lives in San Diego, but I was told yesterday that her area was ok and not being evacuated.
  12. I hadn't payed yet, just won. I knew where the seller lived and from the map could tell she was in line with the hurricane's destructive path. I gave it three weeks and then I called the seller (yes I had a phone number given to me) you see I didn't have money tied up in my purchase like you do. You can call, why not?? and leave a message. You'll be respectful, just ask if you should file a claim or wait for the mailing. I'm so sorry you have to deal with this. Unfortunately this is the down side of eBay, natural disasters!!:crybaby:
  13. I live in San DIego and I can't even begin to tell you how bad this fire is, especially in the Rancho Bernardo area. I understand that you are concerned about your package as would I but I think you could call and leave a respectful message and give it maybe 2 weeks. So much of San Diego was evacuated including much of rancho bernardo and so many of these people left without anything. As of now, not all rancho bernardo residents are able to get back in so it's very possible that your seller is elsewhere or an evacuation center. Our post offices are also still a bit screwy. I hope you get your package.
  14. I wouldn't call- I think if I were the seller- I would be like "you went to all that extent to call me and find out about your package- I have bigger things to worry about". I think it would be better to open a dispute first through paypal, and just explain in writing that you understand, and very sorry about the devastation in So. Cal. and you are simply opening this dispute to start communication and receive a refund. Plus- if the phone number you found is a landline, you might have trouble getting through- because some lines are down. I would just politely open a dispute. If you don't hear back in the time frame the dispute allows, then escalte to a claim on the last date.
  15. That's my hesitancy - that the seller will think I'm only interested in the bag, and I'm truly not. We corresponded enough so that I am truly concerned for them, but as you said, they have bigger fish to fry. I think if I open a claim w/anyone, it will be the PO first, since I did purchase insurance on the parcel. My beef, so to speak, isn't with the seller, it's with the PO. I can start a claim with them anytime after Monday, so I think I'll wait it out until next Thurs. or so and check back in with them if I haven't heard anything. Thanks everyone :heart:. May you all be home and safe.