Anyone having problems getting into tpf?

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Aug 31, 2006
I don't know where to post this, but:

I've gotten a couple slowdowns and bad log-ins yesterday, but nothing major. However, I've been keeping in touch with another tpfer (Ghost55) via PM and e-mail, and she's telling me that she's been blocked from the board. :confused1: Ever since tpf got hacked, she's been having issues (and she downloaded AVG when Vlad said so). Here is a copy of an e-mail she sent me:

It says I am forbidden! I cannot get onto another site as well. I am going to take my computer in today for the geek squad to look at it. I have to. I cannot take the problems anymore. The problems began when TPF was hacked. (Vlad had told everyone to download AVG) which I did...major issues since! ARGH! I will not have access to the computer until Monday at work. =( This is going to cost me $100.00.
please let everyone know under my thread that my computer is out of commission until at least Monday due to virus's. Ack!

Sorry if this post may seem inappropriate, but she wanted me to let people know...
Not open for further replies.