Anyone Having Last Minute PCE Thoughts?

  1. I was content when it ended the first time. Now that it's started back up I find myself browsing the website and the catalog over and over again to make sure I'm not missing something that I'll be kicking myself for after PCE is over, LOL.

    Anyone else done or doing the same thing?

    I put together a list of a few small accessories that I feel I would like to have. There are a few bags I like, like the clay shoulder bag, but nothing I think I need.

    So, how many of you are going through the same thing?
  2. Yup...doing the same exact thing...I wanted to go back for a 'W' charm today because my son's name is Wyatt, and I said to myself this morning "I will be kind of glad when PCE is OVER!!!". I'm scared to get my credit card bill next month!!
  3. I am loving the Miranda Vintage Satchel in Bordeaux; just can't justisfy the purchase (too many bags!). However, I am calling to order a wallet, scarf, and a doggie collar and leash for my new pup.
  4. Me! I've been debating on whether or not to order the new Legacy flap (especially after seeing it on Mokoni).

  5. yup, that's me too, but I am really restraining myself since I already am overloaded right now. i haven't even had a chance to enjoy some of my new goodies yet lol

    i'll be happy when PCE is over... then I can start saving up for the next one :smile:
  6. Same here!
  7. I am! There is nothing I need yet I keep looking at the website to try and figure out what I should buy!
  8. I've been doing that too. I thinking about a cosmetic case, perfume, shoes, scarf and legacy wallet. If I do end up getting any of this it won't be until Friday and then I will definitely be on a ban. lol
  9. I'm thinking about the legacy stripe tote, I liked the previous "katy" one ut it was too big. I've bought so much that I don't know if I should. I'll be happy when it's over too.
  10. I am def. not. Well... trying not to!

    I bought soooooo many nice things (including 4 bags) and tons of accessories because I had loads of birthday cash to spend.

    However, I am a teacher and it is summer. So-- I am out of money for the summer and we have a baby coming!

    So-- my wallet is exhausted and my closet looks yummy in Brown and Red! :nuts:
  11. Ohhhh yes, that's so pretty! Love that bag! You should get it!! I'm such an enabler!!! :lol:
  12. I was going through the same thing. I went back to the store yesterday and ordered the scarf print cosmetic case to match my tote and the Legacy Stripe slim envelope wallet. They let me use the PCE on both even though the wallet isn't due out until August.
  13. I would love to have the Legacy Stripe agenda and umbrella,but I'll probably just wait to get an agenda and umbrella at the outlet.
  14. Well, after my 2 week buying frenzy at Coach, I ended up returning all of my Denim Sig bags, a Cardigan and a couple of other small things. Impulse buys to say the least.

    I had to decide what was going to be used and what was going to sit in my closet.

    I kept 3 Cardigans, the Mineral Hobo, Mineral Turnlock Wristlet, Mineral Mini skinny and my keychains and charms.

    I LOVE the hobo so much I want another color, so I am going back on Saturday to see what I want.

    I am sooo in love with my Mineral Hobo and wristlet!:heart:
  15. I'm headed tomorrow to get some perfume. All the samples I've been getting in my boxes have me hooked!!