anyone have white ergo belted magazine tote?

  1. #11265. how big is it?

    i am looking for pics, i can't seem to find any. modeling pics would be great too.

    do these totes not stand on their own? what is the lining inside?
  2. i especially want to know how wide it is. i found a front pic. thanks!
  3. No , but I saw one at the outlet today and OMG freakin' gorgeous bag!
    One white sold in a flash! Very HOT looking bag IMO!:yes:
  4. thank you! i didn't realize it was the large size, not the medium. : ( did it look huge?
  5. Having seen it in person today, I would say NO , it's not HUGE but it is large.
    You may be asking the wrong girl tho because I like my bags big. It is beautiful, in fact so beautiful, I called the outlet when I got home to charge/hold one for me.
  6. i have one on hold too! i am just debating whether it is the right shape & size, because i have to buy it sight unseen and have it shipped to me.

    anyone know how the size compares to the medium ergo totes like 11285?
  7. Do you want this for an everyday type bag, or work/school tote???
    This is my first one so I can't help you with the sizes of the medium.
    Are you a petite girl, because then I think it may be too big for you.
    I plan on using mine for an everyday bag, but again, I like a bigger bag. The large Carly is a perfect size for me.
  8. more an everyday handbag. i like bigger bags, typicalls satchels, duffels and totes, but the pics of the large ergo hobos look huge to me. i am not sure if the magazine belted style is smaller than that. i have a gigi for bigger loads. i am 5'7" but on the skinny side, so i don't want to be dwarfed by the bag! : ) thanks for your help!