Anyone have TWO or more paddies?

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  1. I might eventually cave in and get the mousse paddy? is it too much to own two? I like the silver hardware....
  2. I don't think it's too much if you have the same bag in different colors, especially if you LOVE the style! I do it all the time when it comes to shoes and clothes. Purses on the other hand, is a bit more expensive to do. If I could, I would buy another paddy in mousse as well sweetsparkle!
  3. Theres quite a few people on here who owns/have owned multiples. If all goes well I will have a mousse and metallic anthracite
  4. Never too much!!
  5. Ummm....yes...
  6. I broke my rules with the paddy - now own a choco and a whiskey...and I BADLY :nuts: want a 3rd pocket paddy but I won't cave in to that - yet...
  7. Yes, and there are many collectors here! Nothing wrong with it if you LOVE the style (and can afford it!).
  8. so what does everyone think of the mousse color? it's a rare color and i love the silver hardware, which would be different than my ivory paddy :biggrin:
  9. sweetsparkle, there should be a PM (or two) waiting for you. I didn't see this post before I wrote you. I say go for the mousse paddy, and get the white muse too. I think that would be a better balance than an ivory paddy and a white muse.
  10. i just got my whisky today. looks great next to my choco.:amuse:
  11. yes, that sounds like a good idea. a mousse paddy and the white muse. does anyone know where I could buy the mousse paddy? When i was at Chloe NYC, they didn't have that color.
  12. I got mine at Chloe South Coast Plaza.

    Also, call Neiman's they should be able to do a store search and get one for you. I know that they had been arriving all last week.
  13. If you love the style and will use the bags then having two or more is not insane. It is far better than having two or more of different style bags that never get used.

    Yeah, the whiskey and chocolate look great together, like they are related!
  14. LVR has the mousse paddy in stock.
  15. If I could afford another one I'd get the mini Paddy!