anyone have tumbled sheepskin mulberries?

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  1. hi,
    i recently bought black sheep skin jody, but the sa in another mulberry shop kept telling me how delicate the leather was and thats got me worried.

    i just wanted to ask for those of you that have bags made in tumbled sheepskin..shimmys or jodys are you finding the leather?

    is it as delicate as it says on the care tag?.. do u have to be very careful in rain? you have any rain marks on the bag? do i have to be particularly careful if i get caught in rain?...

    i really like the style of the bag but due to the fact that it seems delicate am considering swapping my small black sheepskin jody for sumthing more durable like a black wrinlked patent bays clutch? what do u guys think?

  2. Is this one of the Wombles???
  3. But seriously-I've not seen one of those IRL. Did you post a photo somewhere?
    The Black Wrinkled Bays Clutch is TDF:biggrin: I saw one on Friday and I loved it:yahoo:It would tempt me for sure but my quest is for Rouge Noir....
  4. wombles?..nope..not the furry kind...its the leather they used on the purple, cream and black shimmy and shimmy hobos and jodys.
  5. sorry- can't give you any advice about tumbled sheepskin....
  6. Please do you have a picture or a link to one? I'm interested to see what they look like. Sorry I can't provide any advice!
  7. Black Shimmy Hobo

    is it as delicate as it says on the care tag?.. Doesn't seem very delicate. do u have to be very careful in rain?...I got rained on a lot yesterday and nothing happened. do you have any rain marks on the bag? Mine is black so how could it? do i have to be particularly careful if i get caught in rain?...I haven't even Colloniled mine. None of the dye rubbed off the bag onto my clothes.
  8. I got a regular tumbled sheepskin purple shimmy before a week but I've already returned it because it's too large for me :P

    Yes you have to be very careful because the leather is very delicate. It is delicate because the material of sheepskin leather is not like natural leather as darwin, saddle, or peddle leather. If you get some scratches on your tumbled sheepskin bag, the leather will be peeled off easily.
  9. I've got the quilted shimmy in oak. the sa at Bicester told me it was very hardwearing then I checked the carecard and it said it was delicate but I assumed it was because of the quilting. Who knows. Anyway, I have colloniled it and it got quite wet when I got caught in a shower and there are no rainmarks whatsoever :yahoo:
  10. Woah, that looks worrying Rachie. Hellish that it's happening to a bag you love.
  11. recently my friend also had returned her purple sheepskin bag cos the leather was peeling off when the item arrived. see picture

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  12. I wouldn't be surprised if Mulberry stop using it as there has been quite alot of problems with this type of leather
  13. Maybe I should use mine constantly to see if she breaks so it happens within the guarantee period. At least it is rainproof.
  14. Seriously, I have been using mine a lot and the leather is utterly fine. The zip is the thing that is going to die young. The little metal bit has already dropped off the end on one side. Like you I am going to use my bag until the zip won't work anymore and then return it for repair within the 12 months. If they can't sort it out at that stage they will have to compensate me.