Anyone have Trish McEvoy planners?

  1. I think I have been bitten by the bug! Nordies has their Holiday special gray quilted ones that look divine. Should I make the leap??
  2. I don't have a planner but I have the planner pages. I got them because I realized that since all my products are in little containers, most of which are not see-through, I wasn't using things.

    So I sat down one day, took almost EVERY product in a pan I own--blush and eyeshadow and "depotted" them. Then I put them into the planner pages. I just leave my planner pages out on my counter. Seeing all the colors together had helped me actually USE my makeup! And I realized how much e/s I own!
  3. i always thought they were the most adorable things but never bought them because I like many different brands of makeup and just cant fill the entire thing w/ just trish and it's hard to fill other makeup brands in there.
  4. I just can't get over how practical this all is! I've reduced my shadows to two colors, and she has both of them (MAC shroom and blackberry). And I was impressed by her bronzer and her pressed mineral powder.

    Nordstrom has a special $195 super mini planner in pearlized graphite that I don't think I can live without! Would work perfectly inside my handbag as I need something to keep my Bourgoise 3D Effects #20 lip gloss in. And I think it would be nice to have a complete touchup set in my bag ... just in case.

    And then there are the Italian leather choices for planners. Totally dreamy. And the pouch for serums/creams comes out so I can fling it on the conveyor belt when I travel (which is becoming more often). How easy is that?!!

    And this concept with pages that you can buy is really quite fun! And so compact! I think I'm a goner ...
  5. i have her limited edition denim planner from 1998 i believe. I adore it. My bff just bought one and she loves it. I believe you will not regret it.
  6. I have the medium size and the small one. I love them. Just bought a new page of stuff. It helps to keep me organized as I travel for work.
  7. ^^ may I ask ... why do you have two?
  8. i love mine... and i have two as well. my large brushes didn't fit in the small one i have so i got more brushes for the small (kept at work) and the larger (at home.)
  9. I have one from when Saks first started with Trish. Small one. I never use it. I need to get that back out and see if I want to use it.

    I don't really want Trish Products.
  10. GET IT!! I LOVE this brand.

    I recently stumbled onto it when I purchased "The Loveliest" palette.

    I am seriously obsessed! LOL
  11. The Trish planners are an absolute god send, my makeup used to be all over the place and very unorganized. So when I would get ready to go out, I was always scrambling to find a certain eye shadow or lip gloss. Well the TM planners helped me get all of my makeup organized and I can actually use all of the products I own, whereas before I had no idea what I had or didn't have since it was all over the place. Plus the planners are easy to travel with. I highly recommend it.
    If you live in NYC, PM me and I can tell you how to get a TM planner with tons of product inside it for free (well almost free).
  12. I have been traveling a lot lately and it just seems to make more sense to have everything neatly arranged. I'm TIRED of all the pots of makeup. Love the idea of making my own pallette of favorites and having them right there with my serums, lotions, brushes, pencils, lipstick and gloss. Would be a dream to have them all organized in one nice planner like that!

    And the little pearlized gray one is nice and compact. No way I'll get it too heavy. My handbag is heavy enough (clemence leather weighs a ton)!!
  13. I really don't remember why I bought two! I think that the small one was to put in my purse and the medium one was to hold my regular stuff. It was awhile ago - I might have gotten the small one as part of a purchase gift. Oh, well. Mostly I use the medium one.
  14. I have one and LOVE it! I got hooked in 2004 and will never look back. I'm a neat freak and love how streamlined it is but it's still 'boxy' enough to fit the small brushes, mascara, UDPP and a pencil sharpener.

    I travel a ton and it's so nice to have everything in this neat little case since I never check my makeup in my luggage.
  15. I used to use Trish and the planners. It became an addiction for me and got so expensive as I wanted different planner colors, etc. I switched to MAC! Of course, they're not much better with their new collections coming out about every week! I guess I'm just a makeup junkie! LOL