anyone have tips on how to get a bottle of nailpolish unstuck?

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  1. I think I nailpolished the lid on my bottle :Push:

    No, seriously.

    It's OPI nail envy and only used once- so I'd hate to trash it ($15 is a lot for me on nailpolish!)

    ANyone have a clue on how I can get this thing open (It's stuck GOOD!)
  2. Run hot water over it. Let it set there in the hot water for a few minutes. That's always worked for me.
  3. Do the hotwater thing, and see if you can get any remover underneath the lid...not 2 much, you don't want it to get in the polish. I had a bottle stuck once and was able to get it loose with a little remover.
  4. i was just about to say try hot water and then try to reopen it.
  5. Get an ujustable wrench and gentley turn the bottle gentlely , I always get my bootles stuck and this helps , when you get the top off put some cuticle oil on the inside of the bottle and around the top of th bottle
  6. OMG, that ALWAYS happens to my OPI polishes!! I get the DH to open it for me. Fortunately there's something he's good for. :roflmfao: :P
  7. thanks everyone for your advice! as soon as my nails dry, I'll try ALL the tips! lol

    PS- xsouzie- my BF couldn't even get the bottle open! this one is really glued on tight!
  8. Try getting some acetone under the cap, let it sit for a few minutes then twist away! It should get some of the polish off.
  9. Run it through hot water, then wait about 2 mins and then try opening it. Once you get it open take a about a quarter sized piece of paper towel and sock it in remover. Put in around the opening and put the cap back on. Twist, twist, twist, and you wont have the same problem anytime soon.
  10. I always use hot water. Once you get it off, be sure to clean the rim with nail polish so it doesn't happen again! I used a wrench to get a cap off once and it actually broke the bottle, so I'm not brave enough to try it anymore :P
  11. ok hot water was a no go...this one is STUCK! going to try the acetone next!
  12. I get a cotton ball soppy with nail polish remover, turn the bottle upside down and run the cotton all the way around the rim letting the remover soak in underneath the lid, and then let it sit on the counter that way for a couple minutes. Then it comes right off!
  13. I was also going to suggest nail polish remover... it works wonders on my OPI polishes!
  14. i had that happen the other day to one of my opi polishes. unfortunately, my boyfriend busted it :cursing: my favorite pink at that positively hot. he tried a wrench, hot water, and nail polish remover. i hope you got yours open.
  15. Currently my Nail Envy is stuck too. I've soaked it in hot water until the water went cold, tried using nail polish and even a wrench. And I too, have had a bottle burst open on me, so I'm hesitant to try anything stronger!

    But I won't throw it away...... in case one day it decides to open!!!