Anyone have thoughts on Coach boots??

  1. Heyy!! I am living in rainy Vancouver - and am looking for some sort of boots that I can wear in the rain! Was just wondering if any of you have these boots and how you like them? Do they withstand cold as well? Are they comfortable?

    I have never had Coach footwear so I am not sure about the comfort and quality!

    Thanks everyone :smile:

  2. I dont have them but i ve always wanted them :sad:
  3. i'm decided on those same boots. I have a pair of coach boots and their wonderful....comfy and all!
  4. Oh wow thanks guys!! :smile: I might go take a peek at those today :p
  5. Does anyone else have any advice for me on these cute boots??

    Could I wear them in the snow lol..are they warm..or would they break?
  6. I'm sure you could wear them in the snow, but I don't know if there is any insulation in them for protection from snow. They are very cute though!
  7. I have a pair of Coach boots and I totally totally love them! Not only are they cute and get compliments everywhere I go, they are extremeley comfortable and warm. I am not too sure about the rainboots but my boyfriend's mom has a pair and she seems to love them. I'm from Vancouver Island, so I TOTALLY understand the need for some good boots to weat in the rain. My Coach boots have lasted me a year and a half and still look BRAND NEW!
  8. My daughter has a collection of coach shoes that she swears by, so on the comfort level you're most likely good to go.
  9. Hey~~ So I just bought these boots in denim!!! But they are a bit tight on my calfs...does anyone else have these problems...
    Should I still keep them..the material is kind of rouched since itss too they dont stand up really straight...:sad:[​IMG]
  10. I was just getting ready to ask about calf width, but I see here you're saying they're snug in the calf. Do you know what the calf width of the boot is, or do you mind saying what your own calf width is? I really want a pair of these in brown but always have trouble with boots fitting my muscular calves/calfs.
  11. These are so cute! With this tropical storm weather I might need a pair lol. And is the top part rubber, because it will eventually stretch if it is.
  12. Candace...I think the top part is still rubber covered with signature fabric.

    I REALLY want the all black ones.
    I live in Oregon, so rainboots are essential!!!! :smile:

    Amanda, you mentioned they are tight in the calf. Is that with or without pants tucked in???
    Because you may want to invest in a pair of skinny jeans so you can tuck them in easier and only wear the jeans when you wear the boots :smile:
  13. the denim ones are hottttt! how tight is it