Anyone have this?

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  1. I don't have it, but I've seen it in person. I think it's actually at a Burberry outlet near me. Cute little bag!
  2. very cute bag! red isnt my favorite color for bags but its still cute and thats a great price! sorry i can't help out w/ the handle length, but i am the same way!
  3. Thanks Intlset and Marspalm! I e-mailed burberry for the length of it..but I am so damn impatient!! My luck is, the bag will sell out before they get back to me :sad:
  4. okay I think I need to get this bag now! lol I can't wait any longer
  5. I love the horn thing ..its a nice shade of red =]
  6. Thank you Jadore :biggrin:..I do too..I don't think I could have too many red purses...
  7. i think you should just go for it! When i looked at the pic again it looks like the strap is long enough to fit comfortably over the shoulder you dont want to miss out on this bag!
  8. lol you sold me..! I am getting now!!
  9. If only they had it in black.........I need a black evening goes with everything.
  10. actually look in teh accesories they have a black mini sling!!!
  11. I Just Got It! Yay!!! So Excited!
  12. aww yay i am excited for you! you better post pics when you get it! lol
  13. THANK YOU GIRL!! of these days i need to post my purse collection..
  14. My mom has the bag in balck and it's PERF! The size is great and the style works with jeans or more dressy stuff too. What a great price. Congrats!!!